Washing Machine



Hey All! Has anyone had Sense detect their clothes washer? We have a Samsung unit, and it has found the dryer, but still doesn’t seem to say anything about the washing machine :smile:


I’ve got what I think is a startup motor, not any other part. Forget the brand…


Has not found my washer but found the gas dryer. Electrolux pair.


Hasn’t found mine yet, found my dryer. Both LG (electric dryer)


It found the pump that drains the tub at the end of a cycle on my LG washer. The only other thing it’s found is my refrigerator.


Same here. Doubt my washer will ever be found as it is an inverter drive.


Sense has found our washing machine, but it is a top load model with a agitator made in 2009


Neither my washer nor dryer have been detected. They are GE Profile front load models. The washer certainly has a unique signature when I watch it in Sense. It only gets used a couple times per week and I’ve only had Sense installed for 2 weeks now.


Took a month or more to recognize my dryer element, same for the early motor in my washer. My entire dryer (and washer) has yet to be identified completely after 3mos, but I’m happy with that level of progress.


Same here. Sense found the heater element and the motor of our electric dryer (separately - motor keeps fluffing the clothes periodically after drying). Still waiting on seeing the washer. Bosch units.


Found both our washer and electric dryer early on. Washer indicates wash, drain and spin cycles independently on the graph. Shows the cycling of the dryer element as dryer on/off.


@Howard I’ve never heard of an inverter drive so I Googled it and evidently it’s a combination washer dryer? Do you like it? Why do you think it will not be detected?


Not related to Sense but does anyone have a ventless dryer?


I look at the Whirlpool HybridCare heat pump ventless. It was and still may be the only full size heat pump model. All others were about 1/2 the capacity. Didn’t get it because of the extended drying time. My electric dryer takes about 30 minutes max for a full load. This unit takes 1.5 hours or more even with the smaller electric heating element it has to speed up drying. I haven’t looked at any others.


Don’t know where you came up with that, but that is not what this is. An inverter drive is a motor which is plugged into AC power but has a built in inverter that converts it to DC to drive the shaft which is variable speed. Although years ago in the 1960’s my parents did have a Philco front load washer/dryer that was one unit. When the cloths were done washing you pushed another set of buttons and the machine was then a gas dryer.


My washer, a topload Maytag has been detected. It shows a lot of “on/off” cycles while the clothes is being washed, and occasionally turns into my garage door opener for the high-spin (either that, or my wife is escaping shortly after starting the laundry, and doesn’t want me to know).


@Howard OK, but still curious why you don’t think your washer will ever be found? Disclaimer: I know very little about electrical things, so please be patient.


No problem. My understanding is Sense typically recognizes motors based on the large inrush of current and then a plateau of wattage. The inverter drive does not operate that way, there is no sudden inrush of current, rather it gradually ramps up to speed. Further the machine has many many different settings and motor operating conditions so there is little consistency with its current draw.


@Howard So would the same issue apply to the motors in my 2 HVAC systems? They each have a variable speed motor that determine how fast they should run depending on what the thermostats call for. Is Sense going to have trouble identifying them?


There are different types of variable speed drives. Older systems typically had two or three sets of windings in a normal motor so they would likely show up but perhaps as three separate motors. Newer ECM motors like I have in my two HVAC systems I fear may never show up. Before I installed my replacement Sense unit last week I had mine for six months and it never found those motors nor did it find the inverter driven motor on my pool pump :frowning: Perhaps @BenAtSense could get us some more concrete answers on this.