Clothes washer & dryer still "Other"

Coming up on 6 month anniversary with Sense and neither appliance has been discovered yet. What is the Sense average for finding these appliances? Is it time to buy one of those smart plugs if Sense doesn’t come through? What is the Sense Community’s experience with washers and driers? Thanks!

I have a very new (WiFi connected) LG washer and dryer. Has to put washer on a Kasa smart-plug to catch usage. Pretty clear after seeing waveforms why it was difficult for Sense to identify - a hot mess of power transitions, with no simple on or off signature.

Sense did find my dryer heating element, but not the tumbler.

Interesting. Sense should give us a few of those Kasa plugs for devices that aren’t found after 6 months. Thanks!

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Just for another point of reference: I have an LG DLGX3371R dryer and LG WM3670HRA washer which were both detected by Sense.

The dryer usually times out a bit too early before its done and the washer times out a bit after the actual cycle is done though but they’re “not bad” overall.

The dryer took about 2 weeks and the washer took about 1 month to detect.

Thanks for the info!

Ramon… Our Samsung washer and dryer have been seen for some time now. They are maybe 3-4 years old. Front load on washer. Sense even catches the washer on the reverse. IT shows maybe 80 watts while agitating, then 1-2 watts for the pause then back to the 80 watts in motion. Gets the dryer while the heating element is on and also when it temp’s out and still tumbling. Then the heating element comes back on. Catching it the way I think it should. My disappointment is with the LG frig. After a number of years it has not go tit. I think the problem with the frig is that I have a APC UPS on it. My 2 cents… Later Gerry