Bosch Oven (Heating Element Only - 240V ?)

Make: Bosch
Model: HBL8650UC/07
How identified: Sense Identification

Additional Comments: Built in oven, heating element only. Different temperature settings vary the pulse width modulation of the heating cycle. Given the specced max power is 8.4kW and my waveforms don’t show anything past 4.2kW, I’m wondering if I’m only seeing the power for a single leg. Or perhaps it only goes to 8.4kW at the high end or during Broiling. I’ll have to try that sometime, but we hardly ever use Broil.
Power Specs: 240V, 60Hz, 8.4kW

Detailed View:

Maintaining temperature

Daily View:
Full cooking cycle

Waveform Source. Device Power Meter

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