Sense only detects the upper switching part

What to do with this kind of detection??

I wouldn’t go by the delta feature tagging as some kind of absolute on device detection since not all deltas are tagged consistently.

What does the Device (Oven) meter show?

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Exactly what you see the 300w and not 3Kw so it is just detecting the heat element switching as oven but 300w??? That’s the most efficient oven on this planet!!! Yay!!!

In your app and see what the balance is between your “mains” while this is on.
It’s possible it’s one leg picking up right now and the other will come.

If I look at the device power meter view for my Bosch oven, I see something like this.

What does your device power meter view look like ?

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Looks like this,

300Watt instead of 3KW. It is juts the short on/off cycle it catches but not the main draw. very weird. Don’t know if this will be merged eventually with a hundred other detected stoves in maybe 5-10 years time ?

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I think oven will be getting trickier and trickier to detect with their electronic control systems, even though they are major 240V users. I’m guessing that your oven uses some fixed baseline to get the oven to near temperature, then uses the 300W time-modulated boosts to maintain temperature thermostatically. In theory, that’s better for maintaining a very consistent cooking temperature than my time modulated 3000W. But it makes the baseline heating much harder to detect. I would guess you will need to use many more oven uses for Sense to see enough cycles. It would be interesting to see if you over baseline power usages moves much depending on temperature setting.

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Yeah that could be one explanation of the weird ‘top-off’ drops on top of the 3KW main draw. However the heating up phase to 3KW and then the 300 Watt dance of the thermostat are connected at the fire up phase. So in theory this should be a little nice picture to find in the cloud of electric noise within the Neuronal Net (database). I wonder what the window is Sense ‘looks’ at lets hope this is variable.

If you look through some of the technical blogs, you’ll see that the main type of on/off signatures that Sense looks for today are transitions that take place in second or two.

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Or, much less than that. Sense is attuned to rapid transitions and slow moving devices do not do well.

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Does your oven have a convection feature?

The problem is that increasingly appliances are becoming more advanced, and many (particularly true convection models) can have 3 or more actual heating elements, plus 1 or more circulation fans that may also cycle on and off. Some flat top stoves also have circulation fans inside that can move air around for internal cooling as well.

Now, 300w is low for any sort of heating element, and high for any sort of fan (and the signature doesn’t seem to fit an electric motor), so yes, as others have mentioned, don’t just assume that this is indeed actually your oven, or part thereof - does this tagged device come on at any other time, or only when the oven itself is running?

Yes it is the oven, this is confirmed :slight_smile: I would also expect the full 3KW to cycle but for now it is only like this.

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