Sense can't detect my Whirlpool (dual) Wall-Oven

We run the oven quite often, whether it’s for sweet potatoes, chestnuts, or even baking.
However, while the oven is the largest power hog, Sense has not been able to detect it yet.
The oven is hard-wired (can’t use a smart plug) and in the Electrical panel, it’s fed by 2×40 Amp breakers. I’m thinking of moving one of the CTs but not sure how to handle the two wires (from 2 breakers). I’m not sure the oven is truly 240V or each breaker feeds one oven (top/bottom) each at 120V.

Thoughts/Clues ?

Just my thoughts - not based on specific experience. I think most electric ovens are nearly balanced 240V devices. I say nearly balanced because all the heating coils are run from L1 to L2, but there is a neutral to L1 tap that is used to power the 120V components of the oven - light bulbs, and convection / other fans, and the controller circuit board. Conceivably, you could use a DCM CT on one of the two hots and get a pretty good measurement, though it might be over or under by 2x the power usage of the bulbs and fans.

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Thank you @kevin1, it looks like there is more learning ahead.

FWIW, Sense has found…half, or so…of my GE double oven. I say half because I can look at the power meter and see when coils turn on and off and sometimes Sense detects and labels those and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve contacted Sense support and provided them timeframes and access to my data of when the oven was on and was and was not detected. I agree that it is a large user, especially in the last 8 months at home, and the power spikes are quite obvious, but hopefully as enough of us provide the data and input, Sense’s AI can natively detect our ovens.

Thank you @brian5. I’ll keep that in mind the next time we use the oven. I’ll record the time(s) and then possibly reach out to Tech Support.

Update: we used our upper oven tonight and I monitored Sense the whole time it was preheating and once the preheat as done. Sense was labeling the oven perfectly! I don’t know if Sense has improved their oven algorithm for everyone or just me, or for how long it’s been this way, but look at these screenshots and you’ll see they have my oven, at least the upper, nailed perfectly. We trade off between the two fairly regularly, so I’ll try the lower next time and report back on its detection as they are slightly different.

Thank you @brian5, that sounds very promising. I do see the traces/peaks in the Meter, but Sense has yet to properly identify/label the oven. Will give it few more days. However, it did detect an electric kettle.

You know what @kevin1, you just gave me an idea. I’ll try this: Put one CT around one of the wires, then maybe both. Then, monitor the wattage drawn by the DCM/CT, and check at the same time the jumps in the live monitor traces. That’s how I’ll know if it’s a factor of 2 or else. I can do this for each of the circuits, then combine both either in parallel or in series (by looping one of the wires around the CT. I’ve seen that somewhere in this forum. Stay posted. I just do not like opening the Electrical panel so often … and wish I had a roaming Current sensor.

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@drjb I think this reply is on the wrong thread. Back on topic, what is the electric kettle Sense found? My Sense found my toaster oven and dishwasher heating element very quickly.

Hi @brian5. The kettle is made by Chefman, and I recently got it from Costco. The body is clear glass, and the base is stainless steel. I had been using it quite extensively lately (up until last week) and possibly that is why Sense detected it quickly. In fact I did reset my Sense few days ago and slowed down on the use of the Kettle. Sense has yet to find it. I should go back to heating water few more times a day.