Unbalanced 120/240V Oven Load

Sense detected my electric oven within its first couple of days of operation. However, it seems to me that Sense’s analysis of the Oven device is not correct. The oven is an unbalanced 120/240 volt load because in the BAKE mode the broil element is energized at 120 volts in addition to the baking element being energized at 240V. I have verified this from the oven’s wiring diagram.

The Line 1 and Line 2 oven loads during baking measure 2257W and 1337W, respectively, giving a total oven load of about 3600 watts. The Power Meter correctly reads this 3600W load increase when the oven is on., However, the +/- tags indicate only about a 1350W change when the oven switches ON and OFF. Furthermore, the device statistics for the oven show an Average Usage of about 1300 watts, only a fraction of its actual demand.

It looks to me as though Sense is detecting only the 1337W load on Line 2 and ignoring the simultaneous 2250W load on Line 1, i.e. Sense thinks the Oven device is just a 1300 watt 120V load. Anyone have a similar experience?

Very common for Sense to pick up one leg before the other… Here’s a view how it can happen.