Oven wattage has been split

My sense recently discovered my oven which uses about 4,500 watts when the elements are on. Everything was correct for a few days and then all of the sudden is started to show only 1,600 watts and the remaining wattage of 2,900 watts are back in “other.”

I have already tried to forget the device. After a few days it sensed it again but still splits the load between Oven and Other.

Anyone else had this happen to them?

Your oven has dual elements I assume.

You could merge the two detected devices but you might find it more useful to leave it for a while and call them Oven High; Oven Low or somesuch. I would recommend, in general, not pouncing on separate devices to merge them and not to rename them. Let them sit for a while to confirm for sure what they are and consider carefully what to name them separately and after a merge.

Many devices such as ovens have multiple “devices” within them that Sense will separately detect, much like if you plug a bunch of things into a power strip it’s not going to stop trying to disaggreagate the devices … Sense really has no clue that all the devices are plugged in to the strip!

I wouldn’t “forget” or delete after just a few days. It can take Sense some time to better learn a device and it’s signatures.
As @ixu pointed out, you have two elements in the oven, top and bottom. These are usually identical and Sense may be conflating the two right now.

I had the same thing happen to me, and then after a week, Sense found a new device named Oven 2. Right now, I still have them separated to make sure both are actually the oven, but it seems they are. I will likely merge them soon. Like others have said, it’s likely a top and bottom heating element.

It’s the same for a dual-element hot water tank btw … it’s just that Sense’s default action with those seems to be to merge them by default because there is likely higher confidence in the data that they are indeed in the same tank added to the fact that they invariably switch on simultaneously.

Thanks everyone! That’s kind of what I was thinking. I named it the Bake Element and will wait for it to discover the Broiler. It has sensed my 2 stage central air unit the same way. Only Stage 1 has been discovered so far. So I’ll just give it time. Thanks, again.

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