Who else has merged the oven and stove?

I’ve had Sense since March. It seems to detect most things pretty accurately, except for the stove. My electric stove has 2 small burners and 2 large burners, and the oven. We never use the broil option, but we do bake fairly often, and Sense always seems to think the large burner is on and not the oven (it can see the difference between the small and large burners).

Is there any point to separating the burners from the oven? Maybe I should just merge all 3 into “Range” or something…

I’ve been trying to correct the wrong detections by using the “device is not on” but damn if I haven’t been doing that a LOT and it doesn’t seem to help any…

What does everyone else do?

I have done it both ways. I had 7 detections for it, 5 burners, the bottom element and the broiler element.
Sense would sometimes confuse one burner with another or get the broiler and oven element backwards. I merged all of them into “Range”. I was actually much happier with merging this appliance this way because no matter what was being used, I didn’t feel Sense was getting anything wrong. When they were separated and the the front left burner would trigger the back right detection, that made me feel like it was getting it wrong.
I guess it boiled down to my personal perception.

I did keep all my fridge stuff separated though. The light, compressor, defrost and door dispenser. I didn’t want an alert for fridge coming up for getting water or ice and opening the door that would make it appear like the compressor or defrost was running.