Help me make sense of these oven detections

My oven was detected within the first couple of weeks of having Sense. Over the last 2 months through, I’ve gotten 3 more oven detections. So now I’ve got Oven, Oven 2, Oven 3, and Oven 4. Over 2 was detected just a few days after the main oven detection. Ovens 3 and 4 were both detected within the last few days.

I’m not sure what I should do. Should I just merge them all together and call it a day?

So here is the information that shows in the stats.

Oven 1:

  • Average Usage: 3529 w
  • Average Run Time: 8m 13s

Oven 2:

  • Average Usage: 3567 w
  • Average Run Time: 5s

Oven 3:

  • Average Usage: 2047 w
  • Average Run Time: 4s

Oven 4:

  • Average Usage: 2044 w
  • Average Run Time: 4s

To summarize how these devices turn on, the general order seems to be

  1. Oven turns on
  2. Oven pre-heats
  3. Oven 2 - 4 turn on randomly for a few seconds
  4. Oven turns off (which also means Oven 2 - 4 do not turn on)

Here is a screenshot of the timeline from Saturday Oct 12th.

Looks to me like a simple merge could be the way to go if you are confident that all the detections are indeed the oven.

In general the primary reason to not merge would be if you want to monitor the separate components. In this case I don’t see what you would gain from keeping things separated. You can always split things out in the future.

If you want to do it in stages you could merge 1 + 2 and then wait a while and see what happens next.

Oven 2 was detected a while back and I’ve actually had it merged with Oven ever since. I only unmerged it after the recent Oven 3 and Oven 4 detections so I could see all of the detections on the timeline and look at its stats (avg power and time on. I wish you could see this without unmerging).

I wish I knew the model number of my oven. I can’t find a label on it anywhere. I suspect I may need to pull it out from the wall to find it. But I don’t think my oven has dual elements. I’m also not really sure how heating elements work in general; can it vary the wattage it uses by just pulling less voltage or something similar?

From what you say and what Sense detected it seems like it has dual elements. Ovens use thermostatically controlled PWM (pulse width modulation) to maintain temperature. The lower 2000W+ is more than a single leg (120V) would supply so I think you’re seeing dual 240V elements, or some kind of dual heating mode. @kevin1 has posted a Bosch oven to the device library.

Get ready for a lot of screenshots. I decided to just merge all 4 devices together and see how it goes. Here are the power meters.

Here is the main oven detection

Here is Oven 2

Oven 3

And Oven 4

Here’s what it looks like with all 4 devices merged together. Not all that different from the first oven detection.

And here is a closeup of one of the merged waveforms


Well, the waveforms seem to slot together nicely.

Some kind it thermostatic control in the midst of those waves I guess is glitching the signature and causing Sense to treat things as separate devices … which from some perspectives would be a good thing … you can see the frequency at which the controller is kicking in.