Phantom "Other" device


Sense separately and correctly identified the broiler and main heating elements in my oven bur after a day or two it spontaneously combined (not merged) the two devices.

Now whenever either one of them is switched on, the “Other” bubble swells to slightly larger than the “Oven and Broiler” and my displayed energy use is nearly double what it should be.

The Power Meter graph fo the device is equally strange:


This is something you should definitely direct to the Support team.


I think Sense detected only one leg of each device so when you turn them on the other leg is showing in other. I’ve had this happen. That’s why your “other” bigger than the oven/broiler, because “other also includes things like chargers, lights etc.
Sense will eventually get it straight.
It’s very common for Sense to detect half or one leg of 240 devices to begin with and then pickup the other leg.
I think your power meter may look strange due to having Sense open on more than one device. If I have it open on my laptop, Android device, iPad and iPhone simultaneously, it always does strange things.


Thanks, the “one leg” explanation makes sense to me; that may also explain the initial separation of the broiler and bake elements.

That also fits with the fact that that device uses ground as neutral, as does my cooktop.
The practice is forbidden by local code unless the devices are connected the the “main” panel, an issue which required Tesla to convert my whole-home backup to an essential-load backup by installing a new main panel hosting only those two circuits.


It’s a fairly recent NEC change to separate ground and neutral for 240 devices. My home was built in 2000 and it was still within code at that time to run 3 instead of 4 wire 240 to things like the oven and water heater.
Almost all of the 240 devices I have had detected, started with one leg just like yours. Each of them have correctly been detected after awhile. You just have to remember that if you are using the “stats” to view what it’s costing that it needs to be doubled until the correction takes place.
I’ve also had the “combine” device happen. I wasn’t happy about it and I ended up having to delete devices because of it. I had hoped that they would be detected again and not combined but not all of them have returned.
I just wanted to mention that in case you thought about deleting. No guarantee you’ll ever get them back.

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