The other half of a 240V device showed up. Please make this easier to identify in the app

I just closed a case with support for two devices which were using the same wattage and were coming on and off at the same time. I didn’t merge them out of concern I was going to report 200% wattage for the device unnecessarily. I also had a hunch it may have been each side of the 240V air handler, but short of staring endlessly at the My Home → Sense Monitor page there isn’t much to help with that identification process.

To make a long story short support did confirm the new “Heat 3” device was the other side of the same 240V circuit for this particular air handler so I went ahead and merged them as the combined usage would be accurate.

Can we please show what side(s) of the split-phase service devices are detected/running on in the app? :slight_smile: I’d even like the “now” chart to have two color shades representing each side.

Some other related things.



I’m back in the boat of having two devices I think are opposite phases of the same 220V device yet have no way to determine it or if I should merge them.

Are they running at the exact same time and at the near exact wattage?

@samwooly1, I can analyze that information but the underlying issue is it shouldn’t be a chore to do it for the average consumer. :slight_smile: Show us what phase/leg a device is on, allow us to overlap them in a timeline view with different coloring, etc., in general make it easier for us to help Sense get things correct. :slight_smile:

I would also like things to be easier to track down. But they do make it clear that we have to “help” Sense identify devices and provide some direction in doing so.

I agree. In my humble opinion providing us with the app-sided tools to more easily visualize/identify devices in such a state would allow us to confirm/merge devices sooner and directly meet that goal.:beers: