The other half of a 240V device showed up. Please make this easier to identify in the app



I just closed a case with support for two devices which were using the same wattage and were coming on and off at the same time. I didn’t merge them out of concern I was going to report 200% wattage for the device unnecessarily. I also had a hunch it may have been each side of the 240V air handler, but short of staring endlessly at the My Home -> Sense Monitor page there isn’t much to help with that identification process.

To make a long story short support did confirm the new “Heat 3” device was the other side of the same 240V circuit for this particular air handler so I went ahead and merged them as the combined usage would be accurate.

Can we please show what side(s) of the split-phase service devices are detected/running on in the app? :slight_smile: I’d even like the “now” chart to have two color shades representing each side.

Some other related things.

Overlay Usage Of Two devices