Track Use by Phase


I would like to be able to track watts used by each phase. It would narrow down searches of new devices. It would be nice to see the “Now” view by each phase.


Good thought - w’ll make sure to pass this along!!


Agreed. I often to into the Home > Sense Monitor page to see the load on each phase. I’m hoping to switch loads around a bit to get them better balanced.



Why do you want the loads balanced across both legs? Is your primary power source a generator?


No, but I figure there’s a tiny bit less voltage drop if each leg is carrying say 20 amps compared to one carrying all 40. That, and my Germanic sense of symmetry :wink:


Add me to list of people hoping for this. I’d like to rebalance my circuits to get things more evened out, but I can only see live views for this data.


I’d also appreciate this if nothing more than kind of being a data geek.

Granted most of us in US residential only have a single phase as we’re on split-phase power. Well… unless you’re running a grow/bitcoin farm and went 3-phase with some much bigger incoming power. :smiley: What we’re probably really be looking for is A-bus vs. B-bus in most cases.

For example getting an alert of “Sense found new device ‘Heat 1’ on A-Bus” would be a bit more helpful. If it saw the device on both buses then we know it’s a 240V device, but if it only sees it on A or B then we know what circuits it should be on.

This also means at least two other things have to take place…

  1. We somehow have to be able to tell Sense what bus each CT clamp is on. Maybe it turns into some kind of installation step were Sense says “Ready to learn A-bus, please remove CT clamp from A-Bus for five seconds and replace clamp.” Sense would see a bus drop to 0 W and somehow store that clamp as A-Bus and automatically set the other as B-Bus.

  2. The user has to understand the relation of the breaker positions within their panel to the buses. Usually this is pretty simple, but probably not something every homeowner knows.


When Sense had their user conference call a month ago, they showed their data science viewing environment, and it did have waveforms for each split-phase leg separately. So detection already includes phase info back at the mothership.


Nice, it’d be great if they shared which leg each device is on in the app if that info is already being stored.


[quote=“scorp508, post:9, topic:1896”]
Nice, it’d be great if they shared which leg each device is on in the app if that info is already being stored.[/quote]

I second that. As I know each device in my house and it’s phase, knowing the phase side for each device would allow me to track new devices faster.