Track Use by Phase


US doesn’t really have 2 phases. You have a single phase service @ 240V that is split so each side gets 120V. Any of your recognized devices that is 120V is drawing from one leg or the other --> you don’t draw current from both legs on 120V devices. Your 240V devices draw power from each leg.


Yep… split-phase, though most of us just call it two phase as it’s easier to understand. :slight_smile: I so badly want Sense to expose the leg/phase information of each device it has detected. I’m going through another support case right now where exposing this in the app would be useful.


@RyanAtSense, when you merge/lock threads with this forum software are you still able to grab stats on how often the same feature is requested?


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This is a copy / paste from a site talking about that question - load balancing a panel box.

Balancing electrical loads is an important part of laying out the circuits in a household wiring system. It is usually done by electricians when installing a new service panel (breaker box), rewiring a house, or adding multiple circuits during a remodel. In simple terms, an electrical service panel has two sides, and balancing the load is a matter of dividing the circuits evenly between the two sides so that the load, or power draw, is roughly the same on both sides. An unbalanced load occurs when there is significantly more power drawn on one side of the panel than the other. This can lead to overheating of electrical components and possibly overloading the panel.
source :


Balancing really does not do a lot as when you build a house or even add an addition you never really know what people will use at one time. Sure it makes sense not to put the washing machine, microwave, 120VAC EV charger and other large users all on one leg, but those are only some of the items you can plan for. You never know what teenage kids are going to use blow driers and hair straighteners and Irons and space heaters all on one leg at once no matter what you pre-plan.


Maybe also report it as an attribute in the data export - L1, L2 and L1L2 for devices that that are connected to both legs.