Show both phases in power meter?

I only have three 240V devices: Tesla, AC, and a Whirlpool Ventless Dryer. Tesla is on a smartplug (with Home Assistant), and the AC was identified, yet the dryer is still not identified after 5 months. It probably uses variable speed motors, making it hard to detect. Is power that shows up on both phases at the same time treated separately from all the 120V devices? Looking for common mode signals should make it easier to detect these, no? It also leads me to wondering if the app could show the two phases separately on the power meter plot. (Stacked in two colors I think would be the best).

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I’m going to roll this WishList request into the existing main item. @Nilsgokemeijer, please “Like” the original post for that request, here:

To answer your question, most of the original detection for 240V loads was done a leg / phase at a time, and then merged the two. I think some of Sense’s newer detection methods for EVs and using progressive device detection looks more closely at both legs/phases simultaneously (common mode transitions) for detection. More on progressive device detection here: