Dryer: Only one phase (line) identified

Sense AI found only one out of two phases (2450W versus 4900W). It found and built a model for half of the dryer. After months, still only one phase found for the dryer.

When would you guess the second phase be identified by AI?

NorthMan… This has happened on a couple of my 220 lines. don’t know what to tell you… Gerry

Info on how Sense identifies 240V device “pairs” - detects separate 120V devices, first.

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I am new to sense, installed March 2021. The same issue has occurred with my dryer. Maybe the second leg will be detected eventually.

I find interesting that the device detected, a 3000w single phase device, is virtually unheard of. I can think a couple examples of real devices that draw > 20A on a single phase, but none that would be installed in a residential environment. I feel like the device should know better, and presumptively assume that if a large amp device is found on one phase that is it likely a 240v device.

It would be nice if there was a “this is a 240v device” option under manage device.

Correct, at 220v that would be a 25 amp draw, more than you find in household circuits (15 and 20 amp wiring and breakers). Devices that consume 3000 watts are not operated on 120 volt household wiring.

So Sense is confused.