Sense misidentification of Device

I have a 220v Dryer on an individual circuit. Once Sense detected it 18 months ago I labeled it as Laundry Dryer and never thought much about it. FWIW, it appears to use 209 watts in normal tumble dry mode while heating elements are not on.

So for the first time in forever I turned on the pump on the Jacuzzi Bath which is also on its own circuit. Sense is now convinced my Dryer is on. Looking closely, the pump uses, you guessed it 209 watts.

It’s on its own circuit. However it’s on 2 GFC 110 Breakers I assume because GFC was needed?

Both circuits are on the same side of the panel, fwiw.

To me, the 2 devices look nothing alike despite their 209 watts.

Regardless, how do I tell Sense, no this not the same device without deleting the Dryer and 2 years of history - or get the detections corrected?