Squee, I think: well pump


as much as I love Sense, I’ve been scratching my head over why it hasn’t detected the pump on my well in all this time as I have otherwise great detection.

Yesterday, two new devices popped in, each about half of what ‘other’ pops up when i know the well is running, they’re on and off at basically the same times (within the same minute), and while I know the shower or washer has been going.

I’ve tagged both of them as “well pump”, but i notice the next suggested label is “water pump” and i wonder if one should be well and the other should be water, but I’m sure it’s one device with two signatures (which I guess answers why it took so long to detect.) I’m thinking they are both the same motor and I should merge them?



Would possibly make sense being its probably a 240v device, it may see each leg a little different.

Wattages or screenshots? Pressure switch or VFD well controller?


it’s on a pressure switch.


Something similar may be happening with my 240 volt electric dryer. Sometimes the the dryer will show up with a similar or greater amount also appearing in “other”. So perhaps “dryer” is one leg of the dryer and a good portion of “other” is the other leg of the dryer.


They are very similar, I would zoom in as much as a could and see if they are exactly in sync with each other. If it a controlled by a standard pressure switch, they should be identical timing. If you find they’re the same go ahead and merge them.


I played with the water enough last night to be sure that’s what it was and went ahead and merged them. and set an alarm to alert me when it runs for more than a few minutes. what a huge huge relief. this has been a major concern for me.