I have 2 identical pumps, sense doesn't detect when both are on


I’m thrilled that after 4 months sense has finally detected my 5hp irrigation pumps. However I have 2 of them, and it will detect one or the other (as the same device), but if both are on at the same time it doesn’t show that two of the same device is on. And, I just noticed that after both have been on for a couple hours, it decided they are both off and my smaller (1.5hp) pump is now on (which it is not) and put the remainder 10kw in the “Other” bucket…

Seems that sense is confused by having multiple of the same device on at the same time.


Sense is working on it. Some people have 2 old the same AC units with the same problem. I’d leave it be. Just one thought… when you run those pumps independently, is there a slight variance in the actual steady power of each one? …Or does each one pretty much fluctuate unsteady every second?
If they never hold a very steady power, that could make a difference in success.
The people with 2 of the same AC units report steady power usage, but one may pull a steady couple hundred watts more than the other.


I took some screen shots of the two pumps turning on and calculated their power usage. I also notice that the power usage assigned to the device is not correct - shows 2,691w but should be ~5kw. It assigns the remainder to “other”. But to answer your question, the two pumps do have different signatures - one starts out using a lower amount of power, but then ramps up to about the same once it builds pressure. But they must be similar enough for sense to “usually” recognize either one by itself as the pump device.


I find that a high current device often causes problems detecting other devices.

For example, whenever the water heater is on, the dehumidifier is not detected. Whenever the microwave is on, the garbage disposal is not detected.

This could be the problem with your two pumps.

I’m hoping, that given enough time, the learning algorithm can sort it all out, but given the likelihood of two devices overlapping, it may take a while.