Multiple AC Units


I have 2 brand new Trane heat pump units. Sense has recognized one of them and combined the compressor and blower into a single device. But it does not recognize that there are 2 separate units.

When a unit comes on it may report it as the recognized unit or not. Either unit may be recognized as the learned unit or neither at times.

Will sense learn that there are 2 units the same but separate and report them separately?


I have the same issue with two garage door openers that are the same brand and model.


I also have this issue with two identical garage doors. I didn’t think it was a big deal since garage doors use up such little power, but a/c’s are another story…


I have this issue with a heat Pump and an AC unit.


@BenAtSense any feedback on this issue? AC units are probably most people’s largest consumer of power. We really need them to be properly recognized. Mine STILL are not recognized correctly.


My Lennox Air Handler Model Number
CBX40UHV-036-230-6-04 has not been identified but I do have a Device 1 that cycles hundreds of times each day. The power consumed each 10 second cycle is around 250 Watts each cycle.
Any chance they are related?


I have a Trane modulating heat pump with inverter technology (i.e. the compressor is DC). I’ve had the sense for some time now and even though the system cycles at least 3-5 times per hour, there’s no mention of it as being learned.

Perhaps the issue is the inverter-type loads in general? My UPS falls into the same category.



@austxchris, just make sure I understand the situation: you’ve had one of your heat pumps detected but not the other (identical one)? Do you know if Sense is accounting for the wattage of both pumps in the one device?

It is possible for Sense to identify two of the same unit separately but it is difficult for it to do so. The longer Sense is installed, the better chance they will be separated as Sense will be have more data with which to ID subtle differences between the two. That being said, Sense should already be accounting for the wattage of both in the detected device.

@dgeist, modulating pumps are harder to detect and are something that we’re working to improve!


@BenAtSense, no it is not accounting for the wattage of both devices. Its extremely random what it reports. If one unit comes on, it may or may not recognize it (could be either unit). If both units come on, again it may or may not recognize one of them, but not both of them together.

It does see a separate “motor” (motor 2 and motor 3) for each unit that it reports only runs for a few seconds which would be the fan unit which kicks on for a short period before the condenser units. But even with these it does not always recognize them when they turn on. Those have yet to be combined into a single AC unit either.

Again, since these are by far the largest power consumers that I need to monitor, this really needs to start working properly. They are the biggest impact to my solar TOU as well which is why all the more important for me to see their accurate separate data for each unit.


@austxchris, have you checked the wiring for the AC units? I’ve seen cases (in my own home, ahem…) where contractors will “cheat” with the wiring of a two-pole load and use one conductor for both ground and neutral (i.e. black for one leg, white for the other, and green to the neutral bus). This isn’t necessarily that bad in some older panel setups, but CAN cause the neutral current to traverse your ground path where you weren’t expecting it (hence the reason it doesn’t meet code). Easy to check, too.


@BenAtSense, has there been any progress on this? I still don’t have proper reporting of my 2 AC units. This is getting very frustrating being the major power consumers in my house and I can’t even properly monitor their power consumption.


@austxchris, I just talked to one of our technical support analysts about this. If you could use our ‘Report Problem’ feature on the device in question, that’ll make it a little easier for him to pinpoint the device that is causing you problems.

In case you haven’t used that feature before, you can find it by tapping on the device, scrolling to the bottom of the details page and tapping ‘Report a problem’. Then select ‘Something else…’ and enter a brief description about what’s happening. You can even shout me out in there if you’d like (just so they know which case you’re referring to)


I have used this multiple times for my dual AC units and have been told it is a bug and a fix is being worked on. Your response doesn’t necessarily confirmed what my ticket response told me.

In my particular issue, I have two AC units. My downstairs compressor and upstairs compressor were detected. I also have the downstairs compressor and fan as a separate detected item. I would like to know if there are plans to fix this prior to shelling out another $300 for my pool electrical box.


I just followed @benatsense direction and advice and reported a problem with the 2 AC devices that have been detected. Look forward to seeing if I get a “bug and fix being fixed” response also.


@dgreen045, to clarify, are you saying that the components of your ACs are being IDed separately (compressor and fan)? Is there another “bug” that you experienced that you’re referring to?

In regards to components getting identified separately, we’re working on merging functionality that will be implemented in the near future. So even if Sense IDs components separately, you’ll be able to merge them into one device.

There way indeed be a bug, in @austxchris’ case but our support team will better be able to tell.



I have submitted multiple tickets for this issue. Several months ago I was told by way of one of these tickets that a bug was identified and was to be fixed with a previous firmware update. The firmware update made things worse for me.

The situation I am experiencing now is I have an upstairs and downstairs separate AC units. The compressor for each has been detected as two separate devices - no problems with this. Following the firmware update, I had a third AC unit detected. This third AC unit consists of my compressor from the downstairs and what I suspect is the fan or another component of this system. So the compressor is identified as a device by itself and then included as a second device. Both devices do not operate at the same time thankfully but there is an alternating back and forth throughout the day. For this particular issue, I was told this is a bug which requires a fix.


Sorry to hear that it hasn’t improved :frowning:

I see that it was also recommended that you delete one of the AC devices that was detected. Did you give that a try? This can sometimes help in these kinds of cases.


I tried that, it didn’t help.



Deleting th device provides temporary relief followed by an increase in anxiety as Sense relearn the same devices.


I have given up hope of Sense ever being able to detect my AC Systems. I have a total of 3 as follows:

Main: Trane XL20i - 2 separate compressors in outdoor unit, variable speed fan in indoor unit, 3 stages of aux heat
Upper Level: Carrier old school model non heat pump with single resistive heating element.
Server Room - Phillips mini split with variable speed indoor unit and variable speed inverter compressor and fan in outdoor unit

Granted the mini split was just installed last week, but given the technology it uses and the fact that my main unit has not been properly picked up after 8 months, doesn’t give me much confidence that it ever will.

I have a separate sub-panel in the server room (which also feeds the mini split), so I’m thinking of getting a 2nd Sense to monitor usage there separately. Just about all my servers and UPSs are all lumped with either Always On or Unknown. I need to accurately track consumption in my server room since I mine bitcoins and need to be able to determine ROI and operating cost.