Merging 3 devices

My central air unit is detecting three devices (one fan,two motors and they are all showing a draw). However, Sense won’t let me merge more than two devices together. Is this a known bug being worked on?

My Gas dryer has three devices and my dishwasher has four. Each grouped into one device.

Thinking back, now that you mention it I initially had issues merging the fourth into the dishwasher. The fourth was active/on when I first tried to merge, Sense appeared to merge but the fourth was still listed separately even after the device went off. I repeated tried to merge them after the device went off but it didn’t merge into one.
Once they were all off, I un-merged all the dishwasher parts and re-merged them then they appeared as one device.


Thanks. This was user error. I attempted the merge from the third device. I had to go into my already merged device and then merge the third one. Glad I figured it out!

Wonder why my A/C has 2 motors detected? It’s interesting because before I replaced my monitor there were times it wasn’t detecting a motor running and my a/c was on and it was showing up as “Other” and now I know why, there was another motor that needed to be detected.

Is it two motors, or two legs of one motor? The first time my heat pump was identified, it was picking up each leg separately. I deleted it, and the second time it found it as one appliance.

I am not sure honestly. How do you tell?

There are a couple ways - first, are they both pulling the same-ish watts? And do those watts total what you’re seeing in the real time plot of consumption? Do they come on in unison? If all of these are true then it’s likely it’s splitting the legs. Maybe post some screenshots so we can have a look.

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