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Sense detected something in my A/C. I named it as such but wondering if I need to delete the device so it tries to learns the whole A/C. The part it found is not much use to me. Any comment? Fyi I have a Trane 18 sear heat pump which has both variable fan and condenser.


I wouldn’t delete it. The Sense folks say they’ll probably be adding an option at some point to allow us to consolidate devices that are actually pieces of a larger device. If you delete the partial device you won’t have it to add later. I think the Sense will also adjust what it’s found as it learns more. In my case, it found the heating element on my dryer. It turns on and off during the cycle and during the first “on” time it would only show one leg of the power. On the subsequent “on” times it would show both. This continued for about 2 weeks. Suddenly it started seeing both legs every time it was on. So it was able to improve what it was finding.


If you can turn the fan on/off at the thermostat, that will might help you identify the device correctly.


As Stuart said, we don’t recommend that you delete the component of the AC that has been identified thus far. As Sense continues to learn the devices in your home, it will likely identify the other components and may automatically merge them once it is confident that they are parts of the same device. We are also working on device merging functionality that will allow you to manually combine components if they do not automatically merge.


As mentioned above do not delete it.

My clothes dryer got detected in three pasts. First the igniter followed by the blower and drive motor which appeared together a few weeks later. All three have been slowly merging into one…some days better than others.


My Clothes Dryer, Fridge, and Dishwasher all have been identified with multiple components. I have yet to see any “merging”. Perhaps if users could tag two devices as “related” I don’t mind the granular device identification. I am learning more about my devices and future appliance decisions will be a different experience. I am three weeks in.


Automatic merging can take a little while as Sense needs to see the components interact with each other consistently to be able to make the determination itself. That’s why we are going to be working on user controlled merging functionality in the near future. A human can sometimes make that call sooner than machine learning algorithms!

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