Should I delete this device?

I have 2 hvac systems… upstairs is a 13seer AC with gas furnace, downstairs is a 2 stage 16seer heat-pump/ duel fuel… The detected device started off as the upstairs AC (compressor). Sense actually found the hvac fan (hi=AC) and furnace fan (med=heat).

Then downstairs, it actually found the draft inducer, fan (med= gas-heat) fan low, fan high. . Then it found the 2nd stage of the compressor. Then it used the upstairs AC compressor as stage 1 downstairs . At this point… my downstairs when going thru all stages of heat. You could see the then low fan+ stage 1 HP, high fan+ stage 2 , then the draft induce (means gas furnace is running ) then fan Med kick in and at the end of the gas cycle you could see the fan run for 60 seconds.

I had hoped it would detect a new AC upstairs once I started using AC this year. But what this device did… it divided the wattage by 2 (seeing a 120v) meaning what used to be 1450 watts is now 725 and the other half goes into the other bubble.

Now that I’m running AC up and downstairs… this device (~725w) is showing on with either unit running in either stage or if both units are running. Then all other stages and fan speeds go to other bubble. Today my “other” is 62% of my usage.

If I delete this device … any idea if my other hvac devices will start being triggered on/off again? Anyone had a detected device do this: AC #1, HP #1, 1/2 of HP#1, then 1/2 of HP1 anytime a hvac is on.

I have elected to delete this device. Will I still have the historical records?

I deleted it and still have the historical records. The last time my sense detected a new device was over 7 months ago…. Within a few minutes of deleting this device… my meter detected my AC compressor for upstairs.


It’s been 3 days now. My other bubble % has dropped from 38.3% last week (seen more than double that). To 7.1%-10.3%…. Hopefully it stays down there.

Other 2021= 39.8%
Other 2020= 36.4%

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Well…: 2 weeks later. Both the new AC and my heatpump are reading 1/2 the wattages. The other half is back to other.