New heatpump merged into old AC

So I have 2 hvac systems upstairs is a single stage AC unit and my downstairs is a 2-stage heatpump with dual fuel. My upstairs found AC and the furnace (fan)

My downstairs … sense had found my draft inducer fan, the furnace (med) and stage 1 Heat/cool. I have been looking for it to find stage 2. It’s been running for a few months now, what the sense meter did this Monday it decided that stage 2 is now my upstairs AC, it didn’t add the historical data from that last few months. It’s just added it to upstairs AC at some point on Monday. When I look at the patterns in the meter the I’m not sure why it did this, my down stairs stage 2 pretty much comes on and it’s 2604 watts, there isn’t a big surge at the beginning

Then my upstairs AC, when I scroll the meter back a few months when it was actually running has a big surge, then is over 3550 watts.

Can’t I fix this without deleting the device “upstairs AC”

I don’t know of any way to “fix” this. Like you suspected, the options from Sense are going to be either live with it or delete it. I suggest you live with it! The advantages are:

  • You will still have historical data from the old device when you scroll back in time.
  • You may now rename this device to “Stage 2” since that is what it represents.
  • You can make a note to yourself in the comment field, if that helps.
  • Sense will probably find a new “upstairs AC” next summer since the former definition has been repurposed.

I understand you are likely frustrated since Stage 2 took over your perfectly good detection instead of creating a new one. This complex technology we are using runs on artificial intelligence, so sometimes it does things we think are weird.

I had a similar situation where Coffee became the portable space Heater. As long as it detects the device reliably, I just go with the flow. If detection is not reliable is then I would delete the device.

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I have kept around my “merged” floor heating loop / dryer detection, despite the conflation, because it is pretty reliable and I wanted to keep the history. If / when you delete a detection and Sense replaces it with a new, hopefully better model, Sense will usually back fill the new detection back a little way in time, but not far enough for what I wanted in this case.

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