Two stage device detection confusion


I have a two stage heat pump. Sense detects when the first stage turns on and off.

When the second stage kicks in Sense sees that as Other. When the second stage turns off, Sense see that as the first stage turning off.

This is understandable since the turn off signature looks the same for both compressors.

It would be nice if Sense could realize that stage two is a new device and manages it separately. Maybe Sense already can do this and it is just a matter of more device learning. In that case it will take a while for me to determine this since stage two rarely comes on. If Sense eventually figures this out I will update this comment.


A very similar question/issue… just posted in other thread: I have a related question. I’m fairly sure Sense is detecting my heat pump, when it runs as only a heat pump. However, when it kicks in the Aux Heat, then it simply calls it ‘Other’. As this is a larger user (naturally), and quite common in the current cold, it’d be great to get this/these identified as one device. I’m assuming there is no way to do this currently, but all ideas welcome.


Hey @richr and @jeff, as Sense continues to gather more data and learn the devices in your house, it should identify the other component(s) of your heat cycle. Our data science team is constantly working to improve the device detection algorithms and it’s possible that some algorithm improvements may help in this regard as well.


It would seem to be easy to look at the Ecobee thermostat data, and to combine that with the Sense data - Ecobee shows both the standard heat pump cycle, and the Aux heat. Today, the Aux heat (which is the energy hog!) is only relegated to ‘other’, and on the cold recent days, Sense shows the heat pump not even running, so not really useful.


Agreed that an integration in that manner could be helpful. We do have plans to integrate with some of the smart thermostats in 2018!

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