Oven (not yet detected) usage shown as 'Heat Pump"

I’m 3 weeks in on new Sense installation. On day 2, my 240v heat pump was detected. Today, I turned on my 240v wall oven and Sense showed it as the “Heat Pump” bubble… do you think Sense will eventually detect the oven as a separate device? The attached pic shows the 3 left energy signatures for my heat pump, the one on the right (slightly higher value) is my oven …

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Welcome aboard your Sense-journey! My largest influx of device detections, occurred during the first 3-month period.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your outcome, as I have my own!

Update: after 6 days and with additional oven usage, Sense finally detected my Oven … whew :slight_smile:


As many existing users stress, patience is a virtue when it comes to Sense and machine learning. Lots of repetitions are the key to learning.