Issues with AC and a newly, non existent AC3. plus the sum of the Devices are not equalling the recorded total usage


Sense just found a AC 3 (don’t remember there being an AC 2), Heat 4 and Heat 5 :slight_smile:


This is interesting. It seems to have split my AC into two parts. but the sum of the two parts is much more than what my AC ever used… my AC was only ever at 4600ish at most. this is putting it around 5400 now… I don’t know.


… I shut off the AC, the running meter dropped to 1100, but AC device was still shown at 3300 (the AC was shut off)… glitch?


1 of the devices was my tea kettle. another seems to be a mistake. as for the AC… weird.


the device usages aren’t adding it up it turns out. between all the devices, I should be using 4200W
but AC is using 3.8kWh and AC3 is using 1.7kWh alone. plus the 627W for the Blower motor, which up until a moment ago should be part of the 3.8kWh… Something is funny here.


I’ve been arguing with my heat pumps / AC since February and they still aren’t right. Even opened a support case. I’ve pretty much given up on them for now. They report much more wattage used than reality.

What I’m not sure of at this point is if a detected device will adjust itself toward more accuracy over time or if I should delete them (again) and let them be re-detected.

In my case, it seems sense identifies the heat pump and the ac as the same thing. Somewhat makes sense because they are the same equipment and look the same when coming on. However the heat circuit draws a steady increasing wattage as it runs and the ac circuit runs flat on wattage draw for the entire run time.

So as my ac comes on, it’s ok, but with every passing minute, the sense reported power draw grows while reality doesn’t. Right before things turn off, I’ve seen sense reporting a kilowatt more usage than reality with 2 ac units running.

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I had a “Fridge 2” shown up, yet we’ve never had a fridge 1. :face_with_monocle:

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i wonder why that is.


It’s like, ok stop detecting devices. because now you are just starting to overthink it and make mistakes.

both of those ACs are the same air conditioner. and they don’t add up.

a few seconds later however, I was alerted that AC shut off. AC is the real air conditioner.
AC3 seems to be trying to push it out.

the numbers might add up here, but most of that other belongs under the AC. some of it under the dehumidifier.

@AZAaron I’m thinking I’m going to delete AC 3 I’d merge it… but I don’t think that would work. better just to get it back to he way it as yesterday before it found 3 new devices.


One thing that seems to hold true in the sense world is don’t move too fast. If these devices were just detected, give them a little bit before merging or deleting and see how they level out. I have seen detected objects change slightly.

Also, with sense going so far back into history for new device detection, if you delete them, it’ll be looking at the same data that created them with only a small amount of new data.

Give em a week or so and see how they do.


maybe. but Heat 3 and Heat 5 are two devices that are mistakes. I’m sure you get them every so device detected. then you look to see when it was last run, can’t find it anywhere in either usage charts. Finally the only place you can find record is in the stats where it says it ran 63 times for a total of 5 minutes. or something like that.

I never delete them… but I don’t bother with them. for the reason you said. if I delete it, it will just come back to haunt me again, and again.


I do delete things often. I’ve stopped merging them for now because the report “device not on” feature seems to not work right on a merged device.

I usually rename the weird ones, mark it as a guess, and turn notifications on, then let it ride a while.

I have one device named “Sense Reboot”.
My sense seems to have identified a 200 watt device that matches the pattern sense sees when it’s booting up as my pool pumps are running. It initially found it as my fridge 3 but I only have 2 fridges and it only shows up when my sense reboots for whatever reason while my pool pumps are running. Initially I deleted it but it came back. So I just renamed and left it for now.


lol. Sense detected itself?

i just name weird devices unknown 1, 2, etc. and forget about them. this is just the first one that is interfering. not the first one confusing Sense, but interfering.


I get the confusion between devices. And I’m not sure I’m doing it the best way. I’ve tried different strategies.

I currently have a “dryer motor” that also shows up with my garbage disposal and a “dryer heat” that also shows up with my oven. For about a week, the dryer motor went from using approx 240 watts to almost 3k then changed back to the 240 watts. Not sure why. But I’m waiting just a bit longer to delete them again. I’m kinda hoping to pick up a few other detected things in my home so “unknown” items that cycle on and off while I’m doing laundry or cooking can be eliminated from the confusion of more accurately re-detecting my dryer, stove, and disposal.


I guess for me at this point. the main confusion is between the blower motor, the dehumidifier, and the AC. if the dehumidifier turns on, excellent, no confusion. if the AC turns on, no confusion. should the AC turn on while the dehumidifier is running, or vice-versa… trouble. the AC absorbs most of the dehumidifier into itself.

if device detection works that way, I’m going to delete the two mistake devices. let them be redetected. the mistakes I haven’t deleted might be holding on to data that could be better used in another device.


Try contacting support on this one. We might all be curious what their reccomendation is on something like that. :smile:


Maybe when Sense detected AC 3, what it really did was detect the Capacitor? The sum of the devices don’t add to the total, but maybe it is too quick for the app to respond.

So what was the AC is now the capacitor charging up, and AC 3 is now the AC.

only problem with that theory, is that as you can see from this:

AC is using the most power. then it shuts off and AC 3 takes over as in:

I don’t know. it seems to be sorting itself out. before, both AC and AC 3 would stay on. but at least now one of them is disappearing after a minute.


Go live life outside of the sense app for a few days then come back and look again. :smile:


I do plenty of that :wink:


When you see all red bubbles without a gray “Other”, Sense has missed a turn-off event possibly because it has misclassified something or misinterpreted an on-event. I’m guessing the best thing you can do is to contact support and see the best way to flag or remove.

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