AC 2 cannot find source


I got a new detection the other day that sense named AC 2. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is the last few days and ha e been unable to identify it. The only device I ha e with a compressor the size of an AC unit is my heat pump compressor. That compressor has been detected for quite awhile and is reliable. This new AC 2 only has a few days worth of data. It came on February 1st and then March 3-5. It shows it uses 2300 watts and used a massive 70 KWH on those few March days.
I’ve compared this device agaiothw heat pump thinking I would see missing data for the heat pump if it was picked up as a separate detection. It’s not my oven and the times of day don’t match when we would use the stove. The dryer is the wouldnt have run that long or at those times on those days. The only other 240 device I haveis the air handler but I do t see it using that much electricity. It shows it came on 72 times in three days. What could this be?

I have a total of 6 double pole breakers
Heat strips 60
Heat strips 2 60
Stove. 50
Heat pump 30
Air handler 20
Dryer 20

Correction: 7 water heater 30 (already detected)