New Device AC3 in February

About a week or so ago Sense discovered a new device: AC3

Ok its February, no AC running here. I suspect it is HVAC related.


First question is does your “AC” do heating?

A mini-split or heat pump is more often than not dual-mode.

Posting a device Power Meter of the detection and the Main Power Meter for the same period would help to decipher things but chances are Sense has got things right in so far as it detects a compressor/fan activity that indicates an “AC”. Could also be a freezer/fridge (maybe a big-ish one).

The other possibility, which is MUCH more exciting from a Sense Saves standpoint is that despite it being February your house has activated your cooling system and set up a battle with your heating system!

No heat pump or split system here…

Also I have a nest thermostat. I have it set to heat only, so the AC won’t come on

I think it could be my dishwasher. Sense had a 96% certainty it was AC. Neither heat nor AC were on just a bit ago, but dishwasher was.

Sense discovered my dishwasher months ago but only during the heating cycle. Perhaps this is the wash cycle??