Devices I use all the time are never recognized - fall into Other


So, I have three main devices I would love to see Sense actually - uh “sense” :slight_smile:

My A/C, my other A/C for another part of my property, and my whole house fan.
Let alone my oven or cooktop.

Is there anything I can do to motivate Sense to figure them out? TIA!

Here are a couple thoughts on the AC units.

  • For Sense, simpler is better. Single and two-stage compressors are likely easier to detect than multi-stage or variable speed. And from what I infer from the article below, heat pumps and mini-splits also fall in to the more challenging category. I have two single-stage units, one a 3 ton and one a 4 ton, and both have been detected.
  • Feedback from Ecobee thermostats could help. Sense has an integration with Ecobee that feeds your thermostat heating/cooling history to Sense, which should help with creation and improvement of AC models.
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The two A/C are single stage - and I am sadly not a smart home user of devices outside of Sense and Phyn.

How long have you had sense?

Since Jan 12th, 2020

I’ve had sense for roughly 2.5 weeks. After the signal check period it picked up the electric dryer, oven, well pump, fridge compressor (not variable speed), electric tea kettle, microwave, dishwasher and heat pump ( Lennox 17XP not variable speed, single stage heating/cooling). I’ve added 18 wemo/TP link plugs to monitor smaller loads. The items Sense did detect were all after signal check and within that first week. I haven’t gotten any new detections in the past week and a half. I would love to see it pick up my AO smith heat pump hot water heater but the evap fan is variable. The compressor is not, but the fan comes on with the compressor so I’m wondering if that is creating an issue with picking up a defined signature. I see that you installed it in January. How long have you been running the cooling in your house? Is it AC only?