Detecting 2 Identical HVAC Units

I have 2 3-ton trane systems and have never been able to figure out how to get accurate readings through sense. Sense does a great job detecting the HVAC but has no way to discern the upstairs HVAC from the downstairs. At one point there was an ecobee integration that sounded promising but I don’t believe that works any longer. Is there a way to recognize these HVAC units separately?

Two thoughts - Sense is going to have a hard time telling them apart.

  • I don’t know how your AC units are configured, but mine use the furnace air handler for circulation. Both of my furnaces are on dedicated wall plugs (not wired), so I have an HS110 on each one. Sense is able to to identify my 3 ton from my 4, but if that wasn’t the case, I would be using my furnace data for attribution.
  • You could also use Home Assistant. It’s able to pull together data from multiple Ecobees and multiple Senses. Many ways to combine the data into power info.

ps: the Ecobee integration still works, but it pulls Ecobee ground truth data so Sense can improve HVAC models. It doesn’t give real-time clues to detection.

@senseinaz, wanted to show you both of these routes in action. The following are the charts I’m generating in Home Assistant for my 2 AC systems - both of my 2 Ecobees and my Sense are integrated into HA. The power usage plots on the top are from Sense, with the furnace data coming from a smart plug. Plots at the bottom come from the Ecobeess, showing various measured and set temperatures, plus operating state. As you can see, Sense is nailing every AC cycle for both upstairs and downstairs - you would probably need some kind of combined graph since Sense can’t separate the two.