Should I delete my AC detected devices?

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I had the sense solar installed about 2 weeks ago. Within a few days, it detected my AC/Heater units (one upstairs, one downstairs), but a week ago, I changed out my old Honeywell thermostats for 2 new Ecobee Light thermostats.

Now in the device the previously detected devices show that they have been active a couple strange times in the day, but never light up as being on when my actual ac (downstairs or upstairs) is running.

Have I confused the system? Should I delete my Upstairs/Downstairs devices and let sense find them again?

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I was hoping for some feedback…

Maybe I should contact support directly?

Deleting and letting Sense relearn and detect might help. I’m also wondering if the Ecobee Lite works with the Sense Ecobee Historical Integration and if you have it configured and turned on. That give Sense historic (NOT real-time) info on what your AC is doing and seemed to help with my AC learning and detection.

More info here.

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Thanks for reminding us, Jim. I didn’t respond right away because in general it is best not to rush into deleting a device. The deletion operation can’t be undone, and deleting a properly-working device can inhibit it from being re-detected in the future.

In your case, however, it sounds like you have kept an eye on it for several weeks and the detection continues to be unreliable. In such situations, I suggest that deleting it is appropriate. Deleting a poorly functioning device can help Sense find a better definition.


Thanks for all the responses.

I do have have it turned on in my Connected Devices (Sending Data), I’m guessing it’s integrated correctly. I did read through that thread you posted. It was informative.

Hoping to see some results soon. Will let you know the outcome in a week or so.