How Can I Delete a Device?

For several months, Sense had been correctly tracking my coffee maker. Then a couple of weeks ago, Sense said it was on when it was not. I used the app to report “Device not on” and since then, Sense does not detect the coffee maker anymore.

I’m thinking I should delete it and let Sense re-discover it, but I can not find the option for deleting the device. I found a previous post that says to go into “Report a Problem” to delete a device, but I do not see any delete option there. I am one of the beta testers. Is that why I don’t see the delete option? Or am I just missing it?

Appreciate any help.

Select the device. Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner. Click on the tab labeled “Manage”. Select delete.

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OK, I’m an idiot. There it is – big as life.

Thanks for your help!


I wonder if @HilarioAtSense or @BradAtSense should provide some guidance on what to do when detection goes wrong so we can give the machine learning side of things the best chance of maturing its process.

For instance Sense is currently wrongly detecting my two refrigerators, calling each the other one, despite steady power draw being 25% different and getting it right for the previous couple of months.

Should I rename, flag “not on” or delete?

I’ve advised Tech Support, so they can feed this behavior to the developers.

Good question @dave_n_s -

For now, our best recommendation is to flag as “not on”, which will get fed back into the maturation of our machine learning most quickly.

There are cases where confusion between two very similar devices can occur if those devices have been moved or plugged in somewhere else. For example: Fridge #1 was initially plugged into a circuit appearing on Phase A of your home’s service, but got moved to a circuit on Phase B. This would be a good opportunity to “delete” that device, and let Sense re-learn now that it is present on the other channel.

That being said, if it’s possible to keep the two similar devices on opposite legs, they’ll have a better chance of being detected independently for now.

@RayshawnAtSense - keep me honest here. Does that sound like the best bet?