New Kitchen appliances - Sense best practice

Apologies if already documented somewhere but a quick search I was unable to find an answer.

We recently got new kitchen appliances, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, range. I assume the best practice is to go in and delete each of them and let Sense learn the new devices?

Indeed I think there is a hole in easily findable support for the best practice here but this tells you what you need to know.
(FYI, if you “Report a problem” with a device you’ll see these help articles there as well)

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perfect, thank you…

A couple weeks ago I replaced my old washer and dryer. I deleted the old units from Sense and updated the information in My Home with details on the new units. About a week later I was quite surprised to get New Device Detected notifications for both. Unfortunately Sense was looking back several weeks and had found my old units again. Deleted them, again; hoping that the new units will be detected soon.

No need to delete them. Just leave them alone so you can export data on them and let Sense find the new appliances

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