What do you do with old detections?


I have recently replaced my stove and disposal, both of which had been previously detected by Sense. What should I do with the old devices which will no longer show up? Leave them or delete them?



Either or. They’re commonly detected again because device discovery considers data from several months back at least. You might leave them in case the new appliances overlap. If it’s the same brand of disposal, for example, the signatures are likely very similar. Different brands, maybe/maybe not.


I’ve replace all my major kitchen appliances.
I do not plan to delete the old appliances from Sense in case it deletes the historic data and merges the deleted device data into “Other”. I plan to change their names and add a leading letter Z to the front of their name so they’re at the bottom of my device list.


as others said, I would keep them but rename them. Sense would probably just keep re-detecting them anyway, and you don’t want that data being merged with new devices.

besides, you may want to look back at those devices some day in the future to compare to the new ones. That is one of the purposes of this device after all :slight_smile:
To want to delete all the devices permanently would be like wanting to delete there entire history as well. it’ll just confuse the history.
This is where folders for organizing devices would come in handy. or a way of marking devices.