Device detected but never on


Sense detected a “Heater 2” device but reports that it has never been on.

I scanned the timeline since Sense installation and found no activity.

I guess this is safe to delete ?

I’ve opened a case as well.


I’d wait to delete.
I’ve had the same happen multiple times and the history backfill later. Wait a few days anyway


Same here. Typically new detected devices have no history, and they improve over time

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That’s quite common. If you give it a while, you will generally start to see data. No idea why Sense does this, but it does.

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As a general guideline, it’s good to not be too delete-happy, however tempting it is to prune that device list. Device histories often backfill after detection.


Support folks recommend I delete the device as it is a re-detection of my already detected water heater. I replaced my water heater recently.

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Thanks for sharing that information. I’ve got one with very little history called AC2. I’ve left it alone and your situation may explain why this one I have is similar. It could be another detection of my heat pump.