New device detected....on ZERO times?

I received a notification of a new device…woohoo.

Is it possible to figure out what it is, when it’s never even been on???

The detection often appears before Sense has had a chance to backfill the actual on/off history. It might populate in the next day or so.


I believe you might see something in the device Power Meter but as @kevin1 says you’re better off just waiting.

“Device 2” vs. say “Heat 1” as Sense’s guess implies it still needs more analysis (ML = time) to work out (autonomously) what the device is.

“Ignore 2” could be a better name.

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My procedure here is to enable the “alert when device turns on” functionality as soon as the mystery device is detected. If no detections after a month, delete. I’ve had a few recent “device 1” detections with no usage data, like yours, recently. Deleted them after a month of no activity.

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I do the same as @pswired but my cutoff is 2 weeks

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