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I just installed Sense on Thursday and had 0 devices detected this AM. I needed to shut my power off for 5 minutes and when I turned it back on Sense came back up fine but showed 3 devices detected: Coffee Maker, Heat 1, and Motor 1. Excited, I turned on the coffee maker and then the heat to see if I saw any activity bubbles. No luck. All 3 devices are showing no activity or history.
Was my timing bad in shutting off the power?
Did downing the house power kill the device detection data?
Should I leave the detected devices alone or delete them from the app so they can be rediscovered?

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They are probably being learned still. You should see them under Settings/Sense Monitor/Device Detection. Once they get further along in the learning phase, their activity and history will show up.


^^What he said^^

Three devices ID’d in as many days is encouraging. Hang in there and they’ll sort themselves out. Almost 4mos in and my coffee maker is still being learned. It gets recognized with almost 99% accuracy; I guess the model is still being refined.


so to clarify, power outages do not reset all data?


Nope, they just make you lose real time consumption/production data.

All of the appliance learning happens (and stays) in the cloud.

One point - if you notice your unit goes offline ever (can be frequent if your WiFi service is no so bueno), it’s best to cycle your router. The Sense unit will retain real-time data for 6-8hrs, and if you cycle your router it’ll catch back up. Cycle the sense unit by power on/off, and you’ll lose that stored real-time data.


Thank you both for the info. This is pretty cool stuff.


The SR helping me suggested the cycling of the router only complicates the issue, especially if one has multiple devices attached to the WiFi router.
My experience is if the Sense unit is subject to a power outage, when the power is restored and the router has not completed its recovery before the Sense unit tries to attach, Sense goes to its Offline condition and may never recover to Online without cycling the Sense units power. One snippet from an SR reply implied it could take 6 or more hours; I gave up after 48, cycled the Sense power and it came Online in just a few minutes.
Another observation for Solar users, if the Sense back office resets your device you will likely have to “calibrate the Solar” portion of your sensor module again. Otherwise the displays and Status become unusable and it appears to me the collected data for Solar and Mains is unusable .

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