Sense went offline, no power outage


Last night I got an alert that my monitor was offline around 2am. I didn’t see it until this morning and had to trip the breaker to get it back online. I thought it was the internet, since we rebooted the router around 11:30 but the power meter shows data up until around 12:30,then nothing until I reset the breaker this morning. Any idea why that might have happened? I don’t think the power went out since we didn’t have any blinking clocks this morning.


I just had a similar experience - except that today, my Sense can’t seem to maintain a wifi connection, and now even power cycling won’t bring it back online. The latest issue is that the Sense device can’t seem to connect to the Sense server so it gives up and goes offline.


Mine also went offline for no reason earlier tonight. No power flickers or WiFi issues. Will give it till morning then reboot it.


Mine has been doing this too lately. Twice in the last few weeks. And I dont seem to get an email about it being offline. I usually discover it in the morning, only to see its been offline for most of the night.

The wifi access point is only 5 ft from the unit so its not wifi problems causing it. Also, no power glitches.


My monitor has gone off a few times over the last week but because it’s located outside and the wifi signal is poor. I’d suggest checking into that as it’s the most likely cause of the issue.


I’m in Arizona also with my breaker box outside and my monitor over this last week has daily done “something” in the afternoons where the app shows it offline, and once returning, all power shows as “other”. Then “always on” returns, and next the other known bubbles return once devices run through a power off and power back on cycle (fridges, ac, anything that was active during the event)

Due to this happening daily, my “Always On” hasn’t survived a contiguous 24 hours to accurately adjust.

The most interesting thing about this is my network monitoring software wich checks for the presence of sense on the network every 30 seconds, never reports sense offline. My wifi never reports sense offline.

This is usually happening in the warmest part of the afternoons. Could this be heat related?


This definitely sounds like a Support issue. I’d contact

@dmagerl, I would recommend the same thing. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting the offline emails. I will add that proximity does not necessarily mean a solid wifi signal. Support has some diagnostic tools that can help track down the culprit.

@AZAaron That does perhaps sound like it could be heat related. How hot are we talking? Are you receiving emails from Sense reporting it offline, or just seeing that it’s offline in the app? Is this happening daily?


So far today, it hasn’t happened. And we’ve past our high for today. I’m hoping it’s not heat related. We still have about 20 degrees to go before we reach our summer time highs…

It’s been in the 90s this week. No notification emails, just seeing the app go blank and after a few minutes, comes back online with 100% other

It’s happened daily since Saturday. Today seems better though.


Next time it happens, try and get as much info as you can (and a temperature reading synced up in time would be fantastic. an inside-the-panel temp reading would be quadruple fantastic) and submit a Support ticket. That definitely sounds abnormal and not related to Wi-Fi or brownouts.


Well it did it again this evening. I emailed support with screen shots.

And during this time, WiFi had no issues and power did not brown out or drop. Although my Wifi traffic graph specifically for the Sense monitor did seem to tank duing this time…


Looks like as of this morning it hasn’t filled in. Only difference on mine from the original post of this thread is I’m not getting alerts via email when this happens…



My ticket number on yesterday’s issue is 79281 and so far they’re barking up a wifi issue tree. Hopefully this isn’t blown off as wifi. It seems this is a common issue with multiple users an siloing us via the support process and labeling everything as a wifi issue really doesn’t permit identification of root cause.


Thanks for the heads up. I also mentioned your suspicions about heat to the support agent (Alex) on your case. I’ll definitely watch the ticket so I stay in the loop.


Well it appears Alex is reccomending an RMA on my monitor due to possible overheating. Sounds like they’ll test it when they get it back from me to be sure but I’m curious about the other users in this thread or others that have had similar offline issues.

Are any of you running your monitors in warm outside locations?


I’m in Phoenix with an outdoor circuit breaker. I’ve had drops in the past due to poor wifi but have been able to fix that by repositioning my router. No issues with the heat here, although my circuit breaker is hidden from the afternoon sun. Hopefully others from the area can share their experience.


Hopefully that solves it! It’ll be interesting to put your old monitor through testing and see what happens.


@RyanAtSense Will my devices need to be relearned? I feel like I’m about to join AA. :confused:


I believe you may have already learned the unfortunate answer to this question, but yes, Sense will need to re-learn your home.


Yes, also in Arizona sun and my unit was offline this morning (my monitor is exposed to the morning sun (119F measured)! I am a newbe and am just learning …also had been gone for several days after an install. My monitor unit was placed into a plastic box (w/o vents) so I took it out and put it into some shade to cool it and has been running all day without an issue (except some voids in the NOW graph!) I’m probably not expressing myself very well as I am learning the jargon…see I am a newbe!


…btw I did a ‘power’ reboot to get it running today in the am.