Sense says it is offline even after passing network check

For more than an hour Sense thinks the monitor if offline even though the it passes the network check. I have rebooted the monitor light goes blinking blue, green, then off. Connected to different APs (which are working for other equipment) and still get the “Your network could be down, or the Sense server returned an error” message.


here too - both say that on my home

The website says to power down one using the breaker - wait 5 sec and then redstart. I will try that on 1 of my devices

Same here. I powered off my Sense breaker – no change. My dashboard seems to be reporting device events on the timeline, but no aggregate (bubbles) view.

The app has said my monitor is offline since (I think) roughly 10:30PM EDT last night. I see a number of timeline events during this time, but the bubbles and current wattage are not working.

Given how many of us are seeing this it certainly feels like a service issue. Nothing mentioned from at the moment.

Same here. I turned off the breaker and made sure the correct WiFi network was what it was trying to use. Nothing. I have tried a couple of times.


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Mine is offline as well this morning and it’s never been so I would say they have an outage. Hopefully they didn’t brick us with a firmware update.

Edit …yes they have an outage notification up now.

Same here. I started having issues yesterday (May 1) at about 8PM EDT. A reboot this morning got me some data back from yesterday after this issue but I appear to be back in the same state with live monitoring.

Yes- I received a notification saying mine was off line and one of the remedies suggested was to turn off teh breaker - wait 5 sec- turn on. Now there is no light in the unit

I have a logger attached to my Sense monitor and it shows it went down at the stroke of midnight on the west coast, makes me think they were doing late Sunday night maintenance, but then ran into problems bringing it back up. I have been there!

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Mine is doing the same thing. I opened a support ticket. Downdetector thinks a high number of Sense users are reporting problems across the internet. It must be a bad Monday morning over at Sense.

Yep. Tried local reset but no change. Server must be down. Here in Georgia and my son 600 miles away in Florida have no data.

I have the same issue. Just flipped the breaker to confirm and setup the Wi-Fi again to make sure. All passes.

Their API response time is very high this morning. Looks like problems on their side.

Same here. Got the notification a little over two hours ago that Sense went offline. Checked firewall logs and saw nothing unusual. I haven’t tried rebooting yet, but just noting this as it seems this could be more widespread. showing an issue.

Ditto. Got the email this morning. Still getting alerts.

No usage graph and tried resetting unit. Connectivity is fine from the tests so must be a server-side issue with reporting realtime usage or something.

Same here since this morning, I see upstream and downstream traffic on the router and Sense is definitely connected to the server. Tried rebooting with same results and it grabs an IP address immediately and begins communicating.

Yet the iOS application maintains it’s OFFLINE. Support ticket submitted

Same thing here. Turned the unit off via breaker, waited, restarted. Still “offline”. Reconnect the WiFi and tested good. Still offline. My devices are reporting, smart plugs, and I’m seeing discovered devices being seen, but the graphs are down, since it’s still offline. I opened a ticket.

Nothing in my ho e WiFi has changed, and this occurred in the middle of the early morning.

I performed a packet capture on the traffic going to my sense monitor and noticed I have issues with port 443 going to monitorapi dot sense dot com

The outage seems to be related to their SSL cert on monitorapi dot sense dot com

Looks like their Certificate is no good or the trust chain is broken. Likely due to a server config issue.

Unsure how to get this information to the support people who can actually fix the problem