Sense monitor keeps going offline

Call it coincidental but…

Since taking the latest update this morning, I have received several pop ups on my phone that my sense monitor has gone offline. Appears to be false.

Anyone else experiencing this. I’m on IOS btw


Also experiencing Sense having device communication issues. My device dropped off line overnight. Verified definitely connected and reconnected to my gigabit internet. Power cycling the Sense hasn’t done the trick either.

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Same here, my “now” is down thought but I can see some of the timeline entries. They seem to be several hours behind… but they are still updating.

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My sense has been offline since this morning, getting error message on app that says " network problem: there was a problem talking to sense service" restarted router and confirmed everything else on my network is working. Looks like something is up

I’ve also gotten about 3 notices about this today. I have tried resetting Bluetooth and closing/reopening the app, but no matter how many times I try to reconnect it fails.
I suppose next is power cycling, but I’m working from home and my computer is set to that breaker so I can’t exactly do that right now lol

hoping it’s just a hiccup that’ll resolve itself soon if others are also having the issue.

I am having the same problem.
I see that my Sense is online as far as my network is concerned, but I keep getting errors that it is offline.
I am on the Android App, but I don’t see any updates on the webpage either for the past two hours.

I received three messages today telling me my unit was off-line. I threw the breaker and tried to connect with my phone next to the jewel but I could not connect. Now I’m connected but there is a gap in my data. Yesterday I noticed the same thing and on my instantaneous monitor it was solid red which confused me. I am also IOS

looks like they are having an issue

As of 5:45 ET, it appears back up. I just lost under an hour troubleshooting.

I don’t think it’s fully back up. Maybe in some areas. But mine has been down ever since.

Still no change.

Have you power cycled your sense since this started?
I know it is not a real nice solution, but it might help re-establish things

Just checked it again and it’s talking again.

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