Sense going offline

Has anyone else had problems with their Sense going offline in the last few weeks? I’ve had mine drop off three times within the last few weeks, with two of the times in the last four days. The curious thing is Sense is dropping off at almost the same time: 12:09am on 4/30 and 12:06 on 5/2. The other time was 6:06am on 4/14.

I say it’s curious because 12am is about the time Sense would look for and perform a firmware update. When I first installed Sense, it dropped off the first two days in a row at 12:11am and 12:09am before it could get a firmware update from 1.17.2224 to 1.23.2457, then it was stable. My current version is 1.33.3129.

I have considered 2.4Ghz congestion, but none of my other devices are having connection issues. There are AT LEAST 10 WIFI networks on channels 1, 6, and 11. Even more if I use my laptop’s WIFI scanner. I think I may purchase a new router and see what happens. My old Asus RT-N66 has been TOTALLY reliable, but it is EOL with no further firmware updates.

Only been online with Sense for just over two weeks now, but I’ve had both the iOS and the web app be really slow to respond on a few occasions. Don’t know that I’d say it was actually going offline (there were no power meter / timeline interruptions observed after the fact). Prompted by your post though, I just checked my monitor’s FW version: 1.32.2936 – so I guess I’m due for an update soon. Orbi system here, with the Sense monitor connecting via the Orbi satellite.

@SBI Nothing notable on our end, with only a few spikes in API response time on our end (via

Keep us posted on how this looks after changing your router. Nothing peculiar on our end in terms of spikes in offline monitors.

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Justin, thanks for posting the System Metrics screen and link to I was unaware that you offered this view of system operations from your perspective. I am subscribed to updates, but I don’t remember seeing those screens when I signed up. It is always nice when organizations allow the rest of the world to look inside, also known as transparency.


The system metrics is just a bit further down the page. Has been there for as long as I can remember and I signed up for the status alerts in March of 2017.

Mines been dropping off the wifi at about the same time each might the last w nights at about 2am. Have to go back in and connect it back to the wifi.

Hey there @sethmorabito. This is usually around the time that Sense monitor automatically updates software. Can you share a few things so we can take a deeper look?

  • Permission to view your monitor data
  • Mobile device type/software: (example: iPhone X, iOS 14)
  • Sense app version

Mine goes off most every night between 12am and 1am comes back on line by it self after that

Hey @gpasnak - this is definitely not normal behavior. Have you already reached out to Support about this?

I questioned it in the past, I don’t believe I received a conclusive answer on why it happens

Hm, I’ll take a look at your previous Support tickets and see if we were able to identify any issues going on from our end.

I will send you a screen shot from tonight’s display,

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this is what I’m seeing between midnight and 1am

@gpasnak do we have permission to view your monitor data?

Yes, you have my permission, what’s odd is everything is showing it’s on line running normally

Hi @gpasnak. I spoke with our Support lead about this, and they confirmed it’s definitely some unexpected behavior, from what points to something network oriented like routine dropoffs caused by something like a maintenance check. This is assuming that Sense comes back online automatically at 1AM and you don’t have to power cycle the monitor at the panel.

Are you able to see if anything else that’s connected to wi-fi drops off during the same period? It’s very easy to tell when Sense drops offline (you get a notification), but not always distinguishable for other wi-fi enabled devices. This would confirm that above hypothesis and should be somewhat easy to fix via network settings.

The reason this points to the network vs. the monitor is that Sense comes back online automatically at the same time after the drop-off occurs. The data is visible because Sense retains your data for up to 6 hours locally (in case of an outage) and backfills the data once it comes back online. Since you’re not missing any data here, it does point back to some regular activity interrupting the sense wi-fi connection around the same time every evening.

I’ve checked other things on my system and they all seem to be working during that time and often I would be watching netflix during that time and it never drops out, your guess is as good as mine.

I have not replaced my router yet… In the meantime, could you look into my monitor’s data?
Here are screenshots of the last two disconnects.

If I did not reconnect it myself, Sense would never reconnect. There is never any backfill of data and I never turn off Sense’s breaker.

Here’s another one from today. I happened to be up at “the time” and checked the app. It had gone offline. The notch on the right side is when I rebooted my router. Sense automatically reconnected without any problem.

I just noticed Sense’s firmware version has changed since my original post. I am now at 1.33.3148. I don’t know when it updated.

Hey @Kevin_K - have you already written into Support about these drop-offs? I’m guessing this issue has continued since your original post, is it happening every evening at the same time?