Sense going offline

I have not written to Support. Since my original post (including all of those dropoffs) I’d say it’s dropped off seven or eight times. Of those, five have been just after 12am. Although I no longer think it’s a network congestion probem, I do have a new router on order due in about a week. The disconnects seem to happen in waves. I think I went six days without problems, then I had disconnects on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It did not disconnect this morning.

The strangest things about my issue are the relatively consistent disconnect time, and the lack of backfilling even for a 15 minute period (on Sunday).

I’ve seen the same thing happen with my Sense, but sometimes it seems to be a problem with the web app rather than a problem with the Sense monitor itself. Just now, I looked at the Sense web app, and got this clearly incorrect graph:

but the mobile app is showing the power data correctly.

I just checked mine and all three of my last offline events are showing up the same as the mobile app. I’m in the process of sending a message to support.

Thanks for writing into Support - as I responded above, offline events can be tricky to diagnose. Since there was a lot of consistency in the offline events that @gpasnak was experiencing, it was easier to identify some common network issues that could be causing it. Yours seem to be a bit more sporadic (even though several occurred just after midnight).

I know you mentioned you were getting a new router - did that arrive already/are you still seeing the issues?

I don’t know where you got your information but I mention nothing about changing my router there fairly new and work just fine, everything else works just fine, the only problem I see is the period between 12 am and one am when the sense shows It’s off line, I have no other problems with my wifi

Sorry for being unclear, @gpasnak . My response was to @Kevin_K earlier in the thread. I was using my initial response back to you as an example of the differences in the issues that you were seeing vs. what he was seeing.

The next wave of issues has not started yet. It’s been connected since Monday. No new router yet. I’m expecting an Asus RT-AX88U by 5/26. IF network/connection strength ends up being the problem, this should solve it! It’s said to cover up to a 5000 SF house. Should be fine for my little 1246 SF.

I’ve received a response from support with questions leading to a networking problem. I’ve responded to all questions, so we’ll see…

Back to @gpasnak 's first screenshot where it says “Your monitor was offline”, I always see this as well, and I took it to be just a poorly worded version of “we don’t have any data to show for the first hour of the day yet”. Note: this only appears between midnight and 1AM (but ALWAYS between midnight and 1AM). The single-day trends screen (from my experience) only shows data up through the previous full hour (X:00). Since, between midnight and 1AM, there is no previous full hour for the day, there’s nothing to show. The app just tells you that with a maybe slightly concerning message. All other screens (including the power meter) work just fine and show data.


sense support says they confirmed it’s definitely some unexpected behavior, everything else on my system works normally during that time I have security cams and they show they are working so I don’t know what to think, doesn’t seem to effect the totals.

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I believe it’s offline now. Right now for me it’s showing 0w production and 0w usage. It’s been that for about an hour. I have no historical data for the last 3 hours. is claiming everything is okay. But the API response time has dropped close to the time I started having issues.

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Yeah, I’m having similar issues. When I check the Sense Monitor in the settings, I’m getting “There’s a problem talking to the Sense Service”

It has been reported here Is there a Sense Outage - May 31 10am ET

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I’m having the same issue right now. It looks like the Sense service is offline. I was in the middle of a data reset. I hope it didn’t brick the unit.

Hi @lap - let us know if you were unable to re-establish a connection here and I can check-in on your Support ticket if you submitted one.

I’m having the same issue where Sense will go offline for a few hours and then come back on. Have moved it to a different breaker and measured the wifi signal at the panel with -45 which is excellent.

This started about 3 weeks ago with nothing in my network changing. Have been running google wifi mesh with 4 points to cover the house.

Sense support has been………hmmmm nice but clearly quoting from a script and not reading any previous emails as they are suggesting to perform the reset again. They are now suggesting it’s the google wifi causing the issue but feels like that’s just excuse to end the ticket. I have a 2.4 wifi camera in the same room as the panel where sense is and have zero connection issues with it never disconnecting so find it hard to believe it’s the wifi.

Anyone else experiencing this?


I don’t think I can be much help to you, but I do have a few questions…Your problem seems to be very different from mine.

  1. Was your wifi signal strength number measured from the network test in the Sense app, or something else? I just checked mine in the app and it showed -62 dBm. My router’s app tells me Sense is connected at -67. This is surprising as my past checks have been the reverse of that. My router usually overstates what Sense says the strength is.

  2. Are your disconnects happening around the same time every time it happens? Mine happens at about the same time 75% of the time. It’s just after 12:00am PST which is the time Sense checks for updates. From support I was told my monitor reboots, but they didn’t tell me why. If it happens at a consistent time I would run the app just before that time and do a network test. Maybe Sense is somehow attached and wants to reconnect to a lower strength point.

  3. After your monitor disconnects and reconnects can you eventually see a backfill of data in the power monitor? When my monitor disconnects, it will NEVER reconnect until I reconnect it. During my disconnect events all data is LOST with no backfill of any data. If you have backfill, I don’t think I would worry about this!

I’ve been talking like I still have problems, but I’ve had about a month of stability. I don’t know why because since my last disconnect event, I’ve changed nothing.

Thanks for responding.

Offline notifications would happen at random times. Unsure of the data collection during the times it was offline but a good suggestion, will follow up on that.

As for the 2.4 signal strength, I was using a app on my pixel 4 to measure the levels. Either way, it’s well within working levels.

Main frustration was the level of support from the support team. Was pretty clear that I’m on my own here as they were too quick to blame the google wifi being the issue. Have enabled the ISP 2.4 to see how it works connected to that.

How long can Sense store data for if it goes offline before that data is lost for upload?

If power goes out for a second or two, resetting the WiFi network, does Sense hold the data prior to the power outage for upload once the WiFi is up? My Dell Ethernet Switch (x1052p) with POE takes several minutes to come up with POE after an outage. Thus there is a lag time of 3-4 minutes after power is restored.

Most devices have rebooted long before then.

I can’t find the tech article at the moment to quote and point you to, but if its just a network outage, the Sense can hold somewhere around 6-8 hours of data before it has to start purging old data. Once the network connection is restored, it will try its best to catch up and backfill the data.

But, that data is stored in Volatile memory, so a loss on power to the Sense itself will cause it to lose any data not uploaded to the cloud. I would assume that any power loss to your network equipment would also cause a power loss to your Sense, but if for some reason that is not the case, and the Sense stays online and its just a network outage, then you have that 6-8 hour window to get the network back online.


Which brings me to another question:
Why does the sense go down?
I had it happen this night.

Sense is Offline
Your Sense Energy Monitor appears to be offline.
This usually happens because of a network connection loss or power outage.

I have all kinds of server equipment running, including 24/7 monitoring and I can assure you there was no power outage, no network connection loss.
“luckily” I wake up and it didn’t take long to flip the breakers off & on again.

I assume the sense has watchdogs etc built in.
How about some log access somehow?
Updates/reboots/uptime, that kind of thing.
I even have a remote syslog server available that could be used to avoid abusing the onboard flash.
It doesn’t happen often, but every time I am more interested what caused it to stop responding altogether.