Since last night my sense has been offline several times

Hi I wanted to check out with you since last night sense has been going offline about 3 times now I checked the server status in the web site and everything is in theory ok, I know they have schedule a maintenance but later today does any one else is experiencing this problem or is just me?

First place to look is here (all OK as of this posting):

Have you done the following?

Hi thanks for replying yes I been using sense for more than a year now and occasionally but not very often it can go offline so I go to the offline troubleshooting which may end on rebooting sense from the breaker in the panel. But its the first time that this is happening several times in one day and without been reported in sense.status has downtime. My internet connection is solid right now at 250mb up and down so no problem there but it keeps disconnecting

Is very interesting that at 9:03 I did nothing instead i started to look into the community and write this post now is online but with some information missing

Sense should backfill this data before the end of the day. Once your monitor goes offline, Sense can store and backfill data for up to 6 hours.

The most likely culprit is your local network, routing (LAN) and internet connection (WAN).

If your LAN has a WiFi mesh that could have something to do with it.

There are many variables and different hardware for LAN and WAN. If you have access to your router or WAN logs then you can check those. If you are “online” elsewhere throughout a Sense “offline” then likely it’s WiFi interference or a mesh going gaga.

Do you have a single WiFi access point (AP) to the WAN or something more complicated?

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Yes it is a mesh system is a Samsung Smartthings Wifi system with 4 access points around the house to cover all the space (I have brick and mortar walls) the sense is pretty close to one of those access points. Maybe that could be te problem it never happen before at this frequency but who knows maybe is the first time.

Internet connection was really stable is work from home so I’m having conference calls all day.

Is has a few hours now without going offline again and seams like no one else is experiencing the same so I will take a look internally and see if I can find something wrong I will post later if a found anything unusual internally

Yes it’s a pretty neat feature and have saved a lot of data before for me that’s is why I really not into rebooting because then I do lose data


Just to report back about this I find out that something was creating interference still don’t know what but i change the location of the sense antena and now the connection is working better I will buy an extension cable to place it in a better position since I can still figure out what exactly is causing he interference.

Thanks again for your help