Sense Offline? [Resolved 06/03/2023]

Is the Sense backend offline?

I can’t even access the main website from multiple different ISPs.

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Yes, Sense is currently down.


Okay, I noticed mine went down an hour or two ago.

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Mine at little after 1pm est 6-3-23. But still sees when things turn on and off.

Two senses, different locations, different ISPs, both offline. Sense doesn’t seem to detect this very well (note that I can do a connectivity test from the sense which succeeded) and they’ve sent me E-mail saying that my sense is offline.

Hopefully they resolve it soon.

I got the same looks like it is working but 0 connection

Our engineering team is aware of an issue that may be impacting your Sense experience and an investigation is in progress.
Jun 03, 2023 - 11:50 EDT


Same issues here. System is offline and can’t connect to main sense website.

I reset all and finally came back up

Same issue. Sense offline.

I was down too but its back online for me as of ~25mins ago. No reset needed just started working again.

Backup @3:50 est 6-3-23

Mine has been reporting that it’s offline for the last 48 hours in both the website and phone app.

Is all the data during this outage lost? I’m missing about a day and a half of data.

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Mine appears to be back on line via the app.

I can not get access any longer via th Home Assistant integration. I get timeout error.

Is anyone using the home assistant integration?

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I can still see the real-time data in HomeAssistant, but none of the historic. So I can see current Energy Production, but I can’t see my Daily Production.

Hi all, we did experience an outage over the weekend that caused monitors to register offline. Our engineering team immediately worked to resolve this issue. Since then, monitors should be back online; however, some data may need to be populated. Our team is still investigating and working to restore any missing data. I recommend bookmarking our status page ( and following our Twitter page (@SenseStatus) to stay up to date. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our Support team: Thank you!

My sense is usually rock steady. It has been on and off, mostly off, for the past several days.

Any new information?

Hi @jcash757, the outage that began on June 3, 2023, should now be resolved. Our engineering team has processed millions of backlogged events during the outage, and all reports in your app should now be repopulated and appear as expected.

If you are still experiencing issues with your monitor, I would highly suggest submitting a ticket to our Support team so they can look into it further: