[MODERATOR: See Known Issues thread] Sense Incident

Sense has been down for me today and I received an email about this incident. When I visit the page and check current status, all are operating.
But I’m still down. Even flipped the sense breaker to rest it.

Same issue. It dropped off about 20mins ago. Unfortunately I am in no position to reset it as I am several hours away.

I am able to check the network status remotely and all the other services are up and running so I know it’s not a localized WAN issue.

I can see that the sense device is connected to the network. But nothing beyond that.

I am down too. Both the web app and the IOS app show no activity.

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I’m down as well… web app and mobile! Nothing to do, but exercise patience.

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Identical issue as mine, network and internet connection are fine.

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Add me to the list…

I’m getting notifications from the app, but i can not access any information.

There is some hope that data will not be lost. My power meter is not updating but my timeline still shows devices switching on/off.

Same here in Colorado.

Same here, but based on the status page and the way the failure exhibits itself, it appears to be an issue with their API servers and not our local Sense devices so resetting may not help.

We are experiencing an outage with our real-time API. Please follow status.sense.com for updates.

Do the sense devices store data in situations like this? Then re-sync up when they can connect? Or all the data during this outage is lost?

I have a similar issue. When will the system be up and running.

In the Sense app it shows my network connection as offlineor that the complete request failed. If I setup my network again it says completes OK but still shows my network as offline. Are others seeing the same symptoms??

Please follow this thread for any updates: INVESTIGATING: 1/2/20 Sense API outage