Is there a Sense Outage - May 31 10am ET


Anyone having issues in the last few hours with Sense? Not loading usage data on mobile app or website. Rebooted unit, no change. I checked Sense Status and all looks up on their end, except that the API response time improved by a ms or so about the time I lost connectivity.

Just curious if it is only me, or everyone. :slight_smile:


Nothing on
However my system is not working too.

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Not just you… I too checked the status page prior to coming here. Restarted my Sense and still can’t get the app to fully load.

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Yup same issue here in FL, went down around 10:38. Turned breaker off and then back on, it found internet just fine but will not come back online. Under status it is blank, does not say either offline nor online :frowning:

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website not working either.
Sense shows data for several weeks ago.

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Not sure if its everyone but it is me as well. My data appears to have stopped working at ~2:45 am pacific time. Note: I have 2 sense devices and both appear to be having an issue. I am able to log into the device (ie. doesn’t show the “offline” message) but no updated data.

Pretty much the same here. The bar graph on the devices page shows nothing past 4:00 AM. Same with the bar graph on the Solar page. Stops at 4:00 AM. I am pretty sure I used power from the Grid after 4:00 AM. :slight_smile:

Same situation here. Unable to connect.

Same here. No updates on any of the pages; all devices show as n/a.

Same issue here.

Thanks all. FWIW, I am still getting push notifications when certain things happen, so I am guessing the data is still in tact, probably some AWS outage or something.

Same here. I’m getting notifications of devices turning on and off but otherwise not updating usage and power meter etc are not updating.


Same issues, mine stopped logging around 8am EST or before this morning it seems.


I have two sense units at two separate houses on separate wifi and both stopped working this morning. Just got a notification for one of them that said it was down. Something is going on and it’s not my network.

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Same here in Atlanta GA

I reset my breaker no luck
I ran the network test. It gets to my router fine then appears to choke
I too checked sense site and it states no issues.
With this many having problems, I suspect it has to be on their end



I opened an issue with Support, but it’s unlikely that anyone will see it. Unfortunately, says everything is up, so it’s unlikely that the Sense ops team will be notified. :neutral_face:

San Francisco Bay Area outage here!

Weird situation though… All the symptoms seem to point at a local issue connecting to my wireless router…

  1. I received an email notification from Sense that my device was offline
  2. I check my iOS Sense App and the network settings show that it is not connected to my wireless network
  3. I power cycled my Sense device by turning the breaker that it is connected to on and off
  4. I connect to my wireless network and it appears to connect, but the app continues to show the device as “Offline”.

I swore this was a local problem… Otherwise, wouldn’t it show a successful connection to my wireless network, but data would be interrupted?

Anyway, looks like I am having the exact same issue as all of your folks… I guess now, we wait… Ugh… I hope we don’t lose any data as a result… I know it does some offline storage, but the fact that the email notification told me to turn on and off my breaker has me concerned that I cleared the data buffer… Ugh…

Based on my energy meter, looks like I lost data at exactly 10:12am Pacific Time.

For those trying to fix this with a power cycle - i would hold off restarting your Sense. if they get the issue resolved within ~6 hours, your Sense hopefully backfill any data that didn’t make it to the sense Server. But if you power cycle your Sense any data sitting in the Sense buffer that hasn’t been sent to the Sense servers yet will be lost.

That said, if it is just an API issue, its possible the data is getting to Sense, but we can’t get the data back from Sense to the apps.

Also for those saying it shows nothing on the status page - don’t forget to scroll down. Someone at sense has to actually open an incident for something to show on the top part of the page, but the system metrics is a “live” feed. So just because the top part doesn’t say anything is wrong doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem.


@MikeekiM the fact that you got a “monitor offline” e-mail does seem to indicate that your did have a local issue. It may be just coincidence that it also is happening around the same time as what seems to be an API issue.

When you guys go to your Sense App, and navigate to , does your SSID show up under the Network Connection section? Or doe it show as “Offline”?

Mine shows as “Offline”…even though I have power cycled my Sense unit and have reconnected with a “Successful Connect” message…