Technical Issues?

anyone else having issues connecting? seems to have been happening all day.


I have been having the same thing happening to me for a couple of days.

Same here on the desktop, but only with usage information, not with instant information:

WIth any history information that obviously needs to come from database @sense there is currenlty an issue:

And that on both &
Imo that means access to another database is broken atm.

I just checked on my android app:

Clearly states:
Network problem – There was a problem TALKING TO THE SENSE SERVICE.

Nobody at Sense seems to be aware about any issues according to


I wanted to follow up that I just decided to reboot my sense device. This did not help, but I wanted to remove that “catch all” from the conversation. Generally, the meter works just fine, while anything requiring more “cloud data” is slow or times out.

I poked around at the site and found that while everything is reporting as operational, the API response time has increased about 2x in the last 24 hours, and 10x in the last few hours.

Did sense just onboard a bunch of smart meter users in the Northeast?

I’m seeing the issue occasionally, but not continuously. Looking at status on the Week scale shows a slow, steady uptick in API response time, with a big spike, just a bit ago.

That doubling of average response time, from 13ms to the new 26ish ms response time is probably caused by substantially increased outliers.

ps: I don’t think Sense would onboard a bunch of new meters just before a long weekend, but who knows.

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Hi same issue here i can see live data but when i try to go into the comsumption summary in get the requested failed


Yup…same here. Good to know other people are having the same issue. Because my Sense is less than a month old, I was starting to wonder if it was defective.


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Same issues :frowning:

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As of 2/20/2024 8:10 AM CDT

Same problems for me. My SENSE unit is on-line, but there has been no history data.

To: @JuliaAtSense, @RyanAtSense, @JamesDrewAtSense

Are you following this blog? There is a persistent problem that all users are reporting.


This issue is been going on for 2 days and counting. Can’t login to the chat as well.


This is sense response

There appears to be some latency in our systems from over the weekend behind this issue. Try logging out of the app and logging back in to make sure this isn’t the result of a chaching issue with the app. If the issue remains after logging back in, you can expect your power meter data to backfill once the backup is resolved.

You can check the status of our services at Right now our systems are reporting as up, but they are experiencing higher than normal latency.

So I think they don’t care as much as in the past about this issues


that’s not good, had a ticket open for about 3 to 4 months and they really dont seem to care about that issue lol

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This does not look good I hope we are not experiencing the demise of this platform, they use to be more responsive but today it almost feels like they are ignoring the problem or do not have the resources to solve it.


I’ve been having the same issues as well for a few days.


The problem is now being acknowledged on the status website.

Investigating - We’re currently experiencing a service disruption.

Our engineering team is working to identify the root cause and implement a solution.

Users may be experiencing slow loading bubbles and lagging power meter data.

We will be posting updates as they come in.
Feb 20, 2024 - 10:52 EST


How long has this channel discussed this ?
If they would at least have the decency to mention that it has been going on for nearly 14 hours, that would have been nice.

But I am too direct, I know…


Yeah something has been going on.
Sense has sent custom notification alerts for both native & Kasa devices that devices have been on for ___ time when they have not. I could understand if Sense missed an off signature for A native detection, but not a Kasa device.
The native devices power meters shows no usage all day.
The Kasa device menus won’t load at all “network error”.

9 Hours ago they send out an email and put out the notification on

Investigating - We’re currently experiencing a service disruption.

9 Hours:

  • no update on status page or here in forum.
  • nothing changed

API response time still visibly disturbed:

Really ?

9 hours !?

This issue has been going on for significantly more then 24 hours. I’ve been dealing with this issue on and off for a couple months now. Usually it resolves itself pretty quickly, but now the long term data issue has been going on for me 3-4 days.

I’ve attempted to do all the traditional items: log out and in, reboot, empty cache and hard reload, etc… This is clearly an issue on their end and It would be nice if we had some updates about what is going on.

I do know there was a major fiber issue that started I think last Friday. A major fiber trunk line had been severed I believe in the Cambridge, MA area. It affected several datacenters and communications from Texas all the way to Canada.

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And suddenly I can see part of today again: