Sense Server Problems and Subsequent Issues?

Anyone else getting strange server messages on all tabs except now?

Apps and Web App.

Multiple devices. Multiple internet providers.

Or know what us going on?

Yes, am I’m patiently waiting for the knock on effects to be resolved.
I’m guessing there is a lot of back end processing to catch up on before things hopefully return to normal with minimal long term effects.

My guess is this is some type of failure between the online and offline models.
My timeline has not updated since 10/2 10:18am, however Sense found a new device on 10/1 8:15am.
Always on bubble shows, but specific device always on is missing.
It appears the only device bubbles that are appearing are those connected to smart plugs.

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Yes, I too have no off/on indications since early Sunday Morning as well. I am now showing activity on my AC Heatpump for most hours on Monday as they have filled in over the last several hours, but I am confident the total has a large amount of kWh missed.

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I am 100% convinced my solar system produced over 90kWh yesterday and yet Sense reports less than half.
I thought the magic touch of sense was the buffering of data at the sense unit it self and the fact to re-populate the info later. That system seems to have failed miserably.

And the mention from sense:

We are aware of some performance issues due to knock on effects from the previous incident this morning. Please be patient as we work to resolve this.

Performance issue’s ?
Isn’t that when you don’t see the real time data and/or the data of last day/week doesn’t show up while you wait for it ?
This is data that is gone missing.
Not only a technical error but also sugar coating the issue.
Double miss imo sense!

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Still waiting…for something, lol

Oh really? See above!


3 days of hosed data. Going into a 4th.

This does not inspire any confidence.


Yes, the back end appears to have issues. Dashboard times out, energy monitor has large gaps of missing data… something is going on. I am sure the Sense folks are working on it.

My timeline is now showing through 12:18am yesterday. I have no idea if any usage data is missing as all the deice level information (usage, power meter, etc…) is refusing to load both web and mobile.

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I wish Sense would post and update. And the reason for the problems. I rely on Sense to help monitor irrigation when I am away. This has been going on for several days.

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and yet:

No incidents reported 2 days in a row.
While the graph shows otherwise.
And we experience otherwise.

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Past incidents only show new incidents, thankfully there are no new incidents since the 3rd.

The issues we are experiencing are from the incident reported Oct 3rd has been resolved, aka they found the issue and applied a fix. Unfortunately whatever happened behind the scenes is taking quite a while to fully resolve itself, hence the ongoing partial outage.
Either Sense is severely lacking back end processing power which will only get much worse with the addition of integrated smart meters coming online or they were woefully unprepared as to how to handle the recovery from an outage of this nature weather it be hardware or a programming/software issue.

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If they would give a manual update every day until all issues are fixed, that would show intention to keep the customers informed.
Now it is just a system that hasn’t been working for the 4th day as intended with only 1 mention of “implementing fix”


Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in here to let you all know that our engineering team is actively working on this issue. I’m in touch with them to see if we can share anything further on our progress.

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Thanks for the update. Sense has been great. I do hope you will get to the root cause of the issue soon.

I have been having trouble with the Always On section not loading. It seems to be locking up iOS apps. This has been happening to me since the last iOS update.

I did reset network settings and check connectivity and all was good.

Just recently I’ve been getting the server failure errors.

Always On seems to work from the web app from the same iOS devices, just not from the sense app.

Just received this new update. Sounds like this was not just a server/cloud operational issue, but might have resulted from the injection of new technology.

I am experiencing the same issue as others with no update to my timeline or notifications since October 3rd. I too went to the web page that is supposed to show issues and it appears as there are no issues. I think this should be modified to show there are issues. Although some past issue may have created this problem it is still not fully resolved and here we are. Given the web page shows no issues I then submitted a ticket to sense due to what I thought might just be my issue. It would probably be beneficial to users as well as Sense if this correctly reported the issues so all users are aware.


Well this is interesting.

Most of them are Kasa plugs. only ‘Bar Fridge’ is showing the correct name.

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I too have been having these issues over the past few days. Glad to hear that the engineers have been working on it.

So to be clear, my Heat Pump turned on 9 times 10/5/2022, yet ran in 18 out of 24 hours for a grand total of 58 minutes.

Must be the new math.

Yet I count 29 times here

And if my Heat Pump averages ~3600 watts while one, 58 minutes should be around 3.7kwh, not 15.8, correct? 15.8 @ 3600watts would seem to about 4.4 hours, not 1 hour.