Usage stopped updating

Today – about 12 hours ago – my “Usage” chart has stopped collating data. This is the chart that summarises solar production and total usage over day/week/month.

The monitor is still collecting data fine; I see bubbles and current consumption/solar production. The power meter works at “min” and “hour” interval scales, but when I zoom out to “day”, the data are missing - the curves/peaks disappear entirely, starting from a time period from when the usage data began to disappear. (Data from yesterday and earlier are visible.) So I suspect the two are related.

On power meter, if I zoom out manually, everything is fine until a certain point, similar to the “day” setting, and the data suddenly vanish. Zoom back in, and they re-appear. It’s as if the fine-scale data is collected properly, but the data averaging process for viewing at longer time scales is faulty.

I did a reboot/power cycle on the breaker, but problem remains for now.

Is this a local problem or a server-side problem? In other words, does the integration of usage over time happen remotely or on my Sense device?

Anyone else notice a similar problem? Looks similar to this reported in March 2022:


[quote=“[BUG] - Not tracking usage, post:24, topic:16793”]
outage a

Thanks for posting. My usage data stopped updating last night. The usage meter says the monitor was offline.


Cool, thanks for letting me know. Let’s see who else chimes in before submitting a ticket.

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I’m experiencing this as well.

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Happening with me as well :frowning:

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Same, mine stopped yesterday at 7pm EST.

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Same here. On and off with various functions in the app

I’m also having issues with realtime wattage displaying on any screen, or device. Problem consistant between platform and devices, ie iOS, Android, PC via web browser.

I am still getting device information, as it is turning on and off, but don’t get the realtime includiing the bubble display. just the fading . . . . . on screen.

in my iPhone app, I’ve tried reconnecting, by powering down waiting 10-15secs… powering up. reconnect WiFi - which all shows as normal, even a successful connection. Yet still no real time data. And under status & network shows either blank or offline… Then at the top of screen it shows Request Failed message in RED.

*** - Just Got email confirming a problem …

EDIT; (06-03-2023 1:19PM)

Now getting email, and errors on client(s) that my Sense device is offline …

EDIT; (06-03-2023 3:26PM)

Seems to be back up! However, there is a bunch of missing historical data, hopefully it will be recovered at some point.:crossed_fingers:

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I’m in the same boat. Usage stopped reporting but the Meter tab was still working. Submitted a ticket about an hour ago and now my Sense is offline.

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@tcichowicz , @sense85 ,

Take a look at

Real issue affecting many.


Same here. I hope they fix it soon and no data is lost.

Same here. Still not working after reset. I get the device on and off activity log, but no real time data.

I kinda wonder if Sense uses Oracle for their cloud storage because at almost the same time Sense stopped recording usage the east coast cloud services went down.


Things are coming back. I see the usage data from yesterday is slowly being populated. I guess the Sense servers have a lot of data to crunch before it all gets caught up and back to current time. I think in my case, as the fine data is there, it should just get back calculated - but sounds like many people had different symptoms. Anyway glad the Sense engineers got on top of the problem promptly.


Another hour showed up in my history. The last entry I had was 5PM 6/2/2023 CST, now it is 6PM. So something is happening.

It is impressive how Sense is able to keep and restore the data after a major outage. I realize it may take time. My thanks go to the Sense team.

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As of 6/4 at 09:00 EST there still seems to be an issue with Sense. The hourly usage data has only caught up a few hours. It seems to be a falling further behind. Do I need to do anything or just be patient?


Having the same issue.

be patient.

They know there is a problem.
if you want the latest info and progress … Link

That link literally says

Sense Team identified and addressed the issue.

And shows everything as being operational. Mine at least still doesn’t show anything in the now tab and says my monitor is offline when looking at usage.