[BUG] - Missing usage & solar data during the day in the solar tab, not in the meter graph

I am seeing this on my meter for today:

and this on my solar info:

The 2pm and 4pm readings are not there.
I logged out, logged back in again.
Same results.
Anyone have any idea ?

Mine has similar results on October 14th (yesterday).

But my meter also shows the gaps depending on how I pinch and zoom the timescale.

Hope this gets fixed retroactively…

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I normally use web browser.
Just looked at meter with my app and when I zoomed in/out I saw the same gap

After it re-scaled/re-sized it looked normal again.

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Just checked, and it hasn’t been fixed on my end yet… I still see the data gap…

If you and I are experiencing the same, it has got to be affecting others… I wonder if anyone from the support team is monitoring this and can comment…

Do we need to open a support ticket for this? In the past, hiccups like this are known by the support team and when they fix the root cause, everyone gets fixed in the process…

same here, only during scaling on the app you get to see it temporarily on the meter.
Somehow it gets filled up. On the solar tab still missing.

I opened a ticket this morning, referencing to this thread ticket #258986

Your question requires some further information, therefore I am passing this along to my colleague who will be able to take a deeper look into your issue.
Either myself or another agent will be in touch.

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Thanks @dannyterhaar

Hopefully the data was still collected and is stored on their servers, and they simply need to restore the data…

This should be impacting everybody, right? It’s not just solar production…it’s also consumption data… (though maybe this behavior is only happening with solar users perhaps?).

Thanks again for logging the ticket!


I’m a solar user and seeing the exact same data gaps in yesterday’s monitoring.


If you haven’t already done so, please submit a Support ticket so we can continue to track and diagnose this issue. You can submit a Support request here:

OK @JustinAtSense… I submitted a support ticket this morning…

I was originally just going to see how @dannyterhaar support ticket was resolved, and if it was a broader issue than just him (which we know it was), that resolving his ticket would resolve everyone else’s issues…

But since you suggested opening our own support tickets, I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger… Fingers crossed!

I already posted the ticket number of the case I opened right after starting this thread: ticket #258986

@dannyterhaar Any update on your ticket?

I followed up with the support team, and they told me that there was no missing data that they could see on October 14th… So I thought maybe they fixed it… Went out there and the data was still missing… Sent them screenshots showing the missing data, and also pointed them to this thread…

Was wondering what was going on with your ticket…

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Crickets for 10 days.
I just sent them a reminder.
Will follow up when I get a response.

Hm, this shouldn’t be on you to send a reminder :slight_smile: .
Let me see what happened here and connect with support.

I had to do the same…. They must have gotten busy or distracted during this time…

Got a reply today:

Thank you for your patience while we are working on this.
We have reported this issue with your monitor’s in-app reporting, along with other users from your referenced Community thread, to our Engineering team for review. Thank you for sharing.

Unfortunately, we can not give an ETA on a potential resolution at this time but can provide updates over the coming weeks.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

Will be interesting to see what they find.


FYI… I just got contacted by support asking me if this is a problem with the Android UI or the iOS UI… I informed them that it is not a UI issue, but rather a problem with the underlying data (i.e., the data is missing).

To further demonstrate, I sent them screenshots of my browser screens showing the same data gaps… Including them here for anyone interested (and to archive/document my issues and artifacts here in this thread)…


Great reply.
And since multiple users have this issue, it should be easy to trace you would imagine.
Thanks for the update

Just checked mine after seeing this thread, strangely i don’t have a gap.

@MikeekiM @dannyterhaar what region are you guys in? I’m in the Northeast USA, wondering if maybe it was a datacenter issue that affected a particular region.

@JustinAtSense is Sense on AWS or a similar cloud model?

me: Southern California

We use AWS cloud to process the data.